Othello Rules: Everyone Loves Playing

 Kevin Brown
  Aug 08, 2019

Othello is a board game. it is a strategic game for two players. You might have tried numbering of games, try this game once. It is fun playing this game. In this article, we are going to tell you the Othello rules.

Othela Game

To play this game, you will need a square 8×8 board. Apart from this, you will need 64 discs. Discs have two colors black on one side and white on the opposite side. If you pay attention to this game properly, you will not find this game difficult. It is a very easy game. It takes time to master.

Othello History:

Before we learn Othello rules, let’s take a glance at the Othello history. There is no proper information about the origin of this game but it is said that this game was originated in China was called “Fan Mian” it was created by Lewis Waterman and John W. Mollet in 1888. Later, in 1970 Goro Hasegawa has created the modern rules of Othello. Goro Hasegawa is from Japan. Further, this game was officially adopted in almost every country. If you look at other board games, you will find Othello board is an easier game than any other board games in the world.

Set up the Game:

First of all, place 2 black and 2 white discs at the center of the board. If you do not have an Othello board, you can also use a chessboard or checker. In the absence of the Othello board, you should get a piece of 8 by 8 in paper or cardstock. And draw a grid of 64 spaces. You are supposed to use coins instead of pieces every player is supposed to choose heads or tails to play the game.

The goal of the game is to get more color discs on the board at the end of the game.

How to Play Othello?

This game is usually played between two players. There are two discs one is black and the second is white. One player is supposed to play black and the other is supposed to play white. Every player will get 32 discs. The game always begins with a black disc. According to the Othello rules, one player cannot make any valid move to dominate the opponent. Both players are not allowed to make any valid moves. Passing the turn to the opponents continue until the players have no valid move. In case, if both players do not make valid moves, the game will be called off.

How to make valid moves?

Move your disc on your opponent’s disc or place your disc in a situation that can outflank multiple discs of your opponent. Your 1 piece must be at the end a row to outflank your opponent disc. Place your new disc at the beginning of the row. You can also capture opponent disc by bordering them in a row.

Othela Rules

According to the Othello rules, you are allowed to flank any number of discs. You have a right to capture the opponent’s discs horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. You can target the multiple directions at a time. You are not allowed to choose discs which have already been captured. If you do not make a valid move then your turn is forfeit. Your turn is handed to your opponent.

As per the Othello rules, if you have a valid move left then you have to make that move. You cannot forfeit your turn. In case, if you are not able to outflank or flip even one opposing disc, you will have to pass your turn your opponent.

As per the Othello rules, once a disc is placed on a square you are not allowed to move to another square. If a player runs out of disc by chance, he has still chance to capture a rival’s disc. Then the opposite player has to hand a disc to use it.

Wrapping up…

The Othello rules are very simpler to learn. It is fun for the whole family. This game can help you spend the time with your friends and family. Othello also helps you to think strategically and grow your mind.

Othello Rules: Everyone Loves Playing

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