Ouija Board Rules: Everyone Must Know Before Playing

 Kevin Brown
  May 07, 2019

Before moving on Ouija Board Rules, we first discuss an Ouija board. There are many terms used for Ouija board such as a horror board, spirit board and so on. The board includes the letters of the alphabet. There are 1 to 9 numbers on the board. You can find the words with certain symbols on the board “yes” and “no” on the top and “hello” and “goodbye” at the bottom.

Ouija Board Rules along with Ouija Board History

It is a process of direct communication with the spirit. The Ouija board history suggests that it emerged in the USA in the 1840s. The movement was begun by mediums. They claimed that they were an interpreter between the living and dead. Learn by heart Ouija board rules properly to have positive communication with the spirit.

Ouija Board Rules

Ouija Board Rules and Tips:

The basic Ouija board rules are given below. Read properly then follow.

The board is supposed to be placed either on the laps of the players or on the table. If there are more than 2 players, the extra players keep them out and work as scribes.

As per the Ouija board game rules, in the beginning, get planchette in the center of the wooden board. Both players are supposed to put their fingers on the planchette lightly.

While playing on the board, every player must engage themselves in the process. A simple mistake can lead you to serious consequences.

One cannot move on the next question until other players agree with the last question. Listen to the questions properly so other players can ask next question. While asking a question, speak clearly.

Once the players ask the questions, they should wait for a while for the spirit’s response. Don’t make haste for prompt reactions. If any mistake is made, then they have to be ready to face serious consequences.

While playing, take the Ouija board seriously. Many people can join in this process, but more people can create chaos while questions are being asked. They should assign one person to ask questions. It would be easy for the spirits when to answer.

Don’t take Ouija board for granted. Don’t use Ouija board when you are intoxicated. Don’t let your spirits to be confused.

Don’t use abusive words for the spirit, while having a conversation with the spirit. You should not be stubborn about your answer. Treat the spirit in a hospital way and behave well. Don’t shout at them for your answers. Your provocation can lead you in great trouble.

As per the Ouija board rules, once you are afraid of the spirit then leave the board halfway otherwise, your fear can cause impromptu trouble. We suggest you play with a positive mind.

Avoid using the board in children’s presence because they are not aware of consequences, may be positive or negative. Keep children away from it.

Ouija board rules suggest that never try utilizing the board near a graveyard or a place where a horrible death took place.

Ouija board can scream in case of any problem it finds. If someone tries to burn it shouts. It is said those who hear the scream can live thirty-six hours.

You can prevent the evil spirits from entering the board by putting a pristine silver coin on the board.

When you are alone at the spot, don’t take a risk of using Ouija board. It can be dangerous.

When you are suffering from depression that time avoids using Ouija board. That means if you are not fully prepared or not good mentally. If you use this board despite being unwell, you are inviting a demon indirectly into your life.

Once you get a demon in your life, the situation of your house can be worsened by the demon. It gets worst as it was before.

Once you are done, put the planchettes aside; don’t leave it on the board otherwise, the connection will continue. Slide the planchette “Good-bye”

Please, be careful with these questions. Never ask these questions to the board. Don’t ask about God. When will you die? And the third one, where the gold is buried?

Ouija board is a medium to make conversation with the spirits. With the help of basic Ouija board rules, you can get the safety and some important information. You can deal with the spirit in a proper way.

Ouija Board Rules: Everyone Must Know Before Playing

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