Our Guide To The Perfect Garden Space

 Damien Troy
  May 08, 2019

Creating the perfect garden space is a challenge, not only is there the hassle of moaning the lawn and ensuring that the seeds are planted, but it is also important to make the space that you desire without spending a large amount of money. Here, we are going to look at how you can create the perfect garden space without breaking the bank.

Create A Seating Area

garden sitting area

One of the main ways to create the perfect garden space is to create a place to host parties and enjoy the warm weather. By using high-quality WPC decking boards, you can have a specially designed decking to perfectly fit your garden space whilst lasting a long time. This is ideal for a family as this will allow them to have an outside space that they can use regardless of the weather. Pair this brand-new decking with a gazebo and this will protect the furniture outside and shelter you come rain or shine.

With an abundance of garden furniture available to suit a range of different budgets, this is ideal as this can be stored in the winter and bought out in the summer and adds another source for you to relax and unwind in. There are also bits of furniture that can fold down and be stored over time. They can be folded down and placed under the stairs making sure that you have the room in the house to store your brand-new furniture.

Grow Your Own

Another way to create the perfect garden space is to grow your own. Not only will this reduce your weekly food shop, but it will also add some color to your garden and fill it with purpose. This is ideal for a home particularly with a family as this is an activity that the family can do together and make healthy food with the items that are grown in the garden, making it worthwhile and money saving.

By growing your own vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and onions you can have all the staple ingredients for a multitude of meals without spending a penny. Although this does take time as the vegetables need to grow, there are a few benefits that make this more than worthwhile. If you end up with more product than your family needs, this can then be sold to the general public as a profit or given to friends and family to help make use of the excess product.

Create Height

bird shelter

Creating height is something that will benefit your garden space; not only will it help to create a sheltered space within your garden, but it will also make it appealing for wildlife. One of the ways that you can achieve this is to put trees around the borders of your garden - this makes it appealing for birds whilst giving you shelter. These trees coupled with a gazebo or seating area will help to add height and make the overall space more appealing. Trees also have another hidden benefit such as ensuring that the ground does not become flooded. The water will be sucked up by the trees and leave just enough for the grass to grow.

Height can also be added with the use of tall flowers such as sunflowers. They can be added to the space to promote a pop of color whilst attracting wildlife such as bees which will help to further pollinate the garden. This is particularly beneficial if you have a bright flower bed as you will help these endangered species have a place to gain pollen.

Open It To Wildlife


Another way to make the garden appealing is to open it to wildlife, this can be done using a hedgehog home or even a bird feeder or bird bath as this will help to increase the amount of wildlife in your garden. This is of a benefit to the wildlife as there are many people out there actively looking to get rid of them in their garden. By letting them into your garden, you will create an interesting space as a result. This is then great for a family as this can then be used as a learning tool to familiarise themselves with animals that are present in a garden space. It is important to monitor the level of wildlife in your garden as this can be an indication of the health of the plants. If they begin to die away and the quality of the ground beings to affect the trees, this could cause a dip in the amount of wildlife that you see.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to completely redo your garden space, or you are looking to make a few subtle changes, the choice is completely up to you on what your end design looks like.

Our Guide To The Perfect Garden Space

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