Pallet Racking Systems - Easy to Assemble and Install

 Nivi Watson
  Dec 15, 2017

Although pallet racking systems come with the installation guide and complete manual in many cases, yet you may not find installing one a very comfortable job, until and unless you did this earlier. If you are an old school in pallet racking installation, then it will be an easy DIY job for you. Even people with mechanical jobs would handle it well. However, if you have the slightest doubt, then instead of taking chances and wasting time, labor, and risking the safety of the materials, you should call for a professional pallet racking installation service.

They have the required manpower, equipment for installation, and experience to work quick, to make the work easy and get your warehouse ready soon.

Service Provided by Suppliers

Normally suppliers or dealers, who are selling you the entire pallet racking system, would have their own manpower and wing to service this part also. They generally help in installation. Sometimes this is a complimentary service or may charge a small fee, and sometimes it’s an add-on service you may opt for. Whether you take service from them or not, you can always get professionals dedicated in your area for this service.

Basics of Installation

The modern-day pallet racks come in ready kits to assemble and install. This means, these are delivered to your warehouse in unassembled forms. And then you can follow instructions or get professional help to assemble the already completed pieces together. No job is left to be done after the pieces are joined together with screws.

Normally the installation depends on the right placement of the posts on the ground to create the right spacing and measurements. Posts, foots, screws and bolts are needed to structure the single posts and shelves together to form the racks. Manuals tell in detail about the exact places to fasten the nuts and all. The whole process is dependent on careful handling, lots of precision and accurate placement.

The Popularity of Pallet Rack Installation Services

The usage of Pallet racking services is too popular for the multiple utility of this storage rack system in the warehouse industry. It’s because of that the availability of related services is also abundant and you can find a reasonably priced service near you to assist or undertake the complete pallet rack installation through your space.

What You Need to Check While Ordering Pallet Racks

When you are filling up your warehouse with pallet racks, you would order them from a reliable and affordable source. Often during ordering and price negotiations one point is missed by some people. You may forget to discuss the installation process or the difficulty level of it, time required etc. While most warehouse business owners would want the racks to get installed as soon as possible, and get the business going after this, the problem may be in the choice of the wrong racking or in the supplier who doesn’t provide ready to install racks. Hence talking about this is very important than wasting time and taking tensions later.

Also, it’s important that your pallet racks are easy to install and to dismantle as you may have to shift the warehouse or racks to another place or completely relocate later. In such situations the racks need to be easy to handle, and hence the requirement for an installation service that would also be equally effective in dismantling is needed. After dismantling the pallet racks, it is easy to transport them as their size is compact. Also, you can easily reassemble them and set it up once they are transported to the new location.

Besides when things are handled by professionals, they can make up for any problem too in a small time with their sheer experience. Being covered by work insurance is another plus point for them, that is, you do not have to incur the cost of their mistakes. If there is any further damage caused while installation, the professionals will reimburse you of the damages caused.

Pallet Racking Systems - Easy to Assemble and Install

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