Paper In A Digital Economy - Why Printing Is Still Thriving In 2019

 Caitlyn Bell
  May 30, 2019

Despite efforts in the last number of years to move businesses to a paperless existence for the sake of the environment, it has become abundantly clear that paper, and printing, is still necessary. Modern technologies make it possible for businesses to drastically reduce the number of prints they use on a daily basis but not eliminate printing altogether. With cloud computing taking over almost every area of business, many companies are opting to digitize as much of their business processes as possible but printing continues to thrive.

Physical documents still have a very real and meaningful place in our increasingly digitized world. A document that is printed is generally perceived to be more official and more important than the same document presented on a screen. Even though more documents are being stored and transferred digitally, don’t be too quick to get rid of your Lexmark ink cartridges just yet because printers still have a place in our digital world and will continue to do so for quite some time to come.

Continue reading to learn just why printing is still thriving in 2019 and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Major Contracts

The familiar sound of prints making their way out of the office copier is still a reality for many businesses today. In fact, there are so many day-to-day office tasks that require the use of printers that it’s highly unlikely this office staple is going anywhere anytime soon. Think about all the different types of contracts that need a hard copy signature, and yes while e-signatures are increasingly popular nowadays, nothing takes the place of a handwritten signature. Ink still carries more weight.

For instance, banking and lending are major industries that still require hard copies. Whether purchasing a car or a home, at the end of either transaction is a stack of papers requiring a signature, not a digital image of one. Many financial institutions will not accept a digital signature, further highlighting the importance of printing in our everyday lives.

Shipping Labels

Even in this day and age when just about anything can be emailed, people and organizations are still sending things through the post. Whether sending a birthday card or posting a contract to a colleague, a shipping label may need to be placed on the envelope. These labels are generally printed through a high-end professional printer or a simple home printer but either way, they are still commonly used to get the delivery to the right address.

Print advertising and mail are also commonly used by brands who are looking to target demographics that tend to be less well-versed in digital platforms. People prefer to be faced with what they know, and if you’re looking to open up communication with a business that still has frequently-used fax machines around their office, a printer is going to provide significantly more value than an email.

Hardcopy Mark-Ups

Sometimes, even the best professionals need a hardcopy mark-up from which to work. Whether your industry is in the creative arts or engineering, using a hardcopy to flesh out ideas is one way to be very productive. These hard copies can be edited over and over again until the final draft is ready to go. Printing plays a pivotal role in preparing these hard copies and fine-tuning each draft until the final version is completed.

The Professional Personal Touch

Especially for customer-fronted brands, making a connection with customers is vital for both retention and word of mouth. Because of this, printing has been used in a wide variety of ways to make products feel more authentic and personal. From simple cards to feature pieces, the use of printed card and paper allows customers to feel as if a company has gone the extra mile in regard to providing them with positive customer experience, and it’s hard to replicate that feeling through digital mediums.

The Evolution Of Printing

Major technological advances in the last number of years have made it possible for businesses to move a lot of their work into the online realm. In today’s tech-obsessed society, consumers and businesses can certainly run a business without a printer, if they so choose. However, the harsh reality is that while it is technically possible to not have to print, most business owners will find themselves relying on printing for different tasks to run their business effectively.

Printers are very far from being removed from both business and everyday life and will likely be around for many years to come, as printing will continue to thrive in 2019 and beyond. Whether printing family photos, manuscripts, business documents, plane tickets, office memos or anything else, the fact remains that the humble printer will continue to take center stage in our home and business lives for the foreseeable future.

Paper In A Digital Economy - Why Printing Is Still Thriving In 2019

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