Parcheesi Rules: All You Need to Learn

 Kevin Brown
  Jul 22, 2019

Parcheesi game was inherited from the Indian board game “Pachisi”. It is a board game. Parcheesi game closely resembles Ludo. Parcheesi rules are a bit similar to Ludo. Today, we will make you familiar with the Parcheesi rules.


Parcheesi History

Parcheesi game is very much inspired by Indian game Pachisi. Parcheesi is considered to be a royal game. This is a game of emperors. This game was first introduced in America in the late 1860s. Parker Brothers created the new version of this game. Parcheesi is the oldest game in the world. This game is very famous amongst royal families. They used to play this game in leisure time. Now we are going to discuss the Parcheesi rules.

The Goal of the Game


  • The player who successfully moves all his pieces to the center “Home” square will be announced a winner.
  • This game requires 2 to 4 players. You also need to have a multi-colored board. There are 16 playing pieces and 2 dices in this game.
  • There are 68 number boxes in each board. Amongst them, there are four zones which are very safe. The zones are marked with a circle. In these circle, you can place any pawn as these are safe.
  • According to the Parcheesi rules, if there are only 2 players in the game both players will have to sit in front of each other.
  • Each player is supposed to choose a color. The color must be similar to playing pieces.
  • As per the Parcheesi rules, each player should take four playing pieces and place on the circle of the board. Place it on your right side. The rest of the pieces are placed on other colored homes. This is the beginning of your game.
  • Each player rolls the dice at the beginning of the game. The player who gets the highest number will start the game.
  • According to the Parcheesi rules, each player should start the game with three pawns in their homes. The remaining pawn should be placed on the starting box.
  • If the players want to move a pawn from home, they have to throw ‘5’. Without rolling ‘5’ players can’t lift them up from home.
  • The players are allowed to draw 2 pawns at the same time only after they throw a ‘5’ double times.
  • If the players roll double, they will be given the second chance to draw the pawn. According to the Parcheesi rules, if the players roll 5 consecutive three times, and no move is made by the players the last moved pawn will be placed back into the home.
  • Whenever there are two pawns at the same box. It is beneficial for the players. The players can stop other pawns to cross that line. And they can beat other pawns easily as per the Parcheesi rules.
  • They can break the barriers in case they roll doubles.
  • To capture the other pawns, the player has to place one pawn in the same box.
  • The player who captures the pawn should draw the pawns 20 boxes. And the captured pawn will be sent to the home.
  • The players should have at least one pawn at home and two pawns at the start box to capture the other pawns.
  • As per the Parcheesi rules, to place the pawn to the goal, the players have to roll the numbers needed to enter the goal. A pawn can’t be captured when it enters the box.
  • If pawn enters the goal, the player has to move 10 boxes, whenever it possible.
  • The player who first gets all 4 pawns to the goal is the winner.
  • Extra points are given to the player who captures the other pawns or gets to the goal with one pawn. The players can also increase their points by using these powerups. The player can use XP powerup and special pawn.

Ending up…

The Parcheesi rules are easy to memorize. This is an amazing board game to kill your time. You can play with your family members too.

Parcheesi Rules: All You Need to Learn

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