PC vs Console: What Gaming is Best?

 Wahab Ullah Amjad
  Oct 24, 2018

The PC gamer versus the console gamer is a rivalry that has existed since the rise of videogaming. Even today, the divide between them is distinct. Rarely do you find a gamer who endorses both. You’re either one of those PC guys or one of those console users. Undoubtedly, each gamer will try to convince you why their medium is superior to the other. If this is you, then perhaps you’re here to settle the debate. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look.


It’s true. Graphics on a computer that has been optimized for gaming can trump that of a console. Thing is, not every PC gamer can afford the ultimate gaming rig, so at times this point is simply theoretical. But hardware inside a computer can outperform the parts of even the top-of-the-line console. This results in quicker game rendering, better graphics, and overall superior functionality. The counterargument here is that while a console may run up to around $500, a gaming rig can easily cost thousands. Still, there are affordable gaming PCs that can compete with console performance.

Buying Games

The rule of thumb is that games are more affordable on PCs. The Steam game platform has a better reputation than, say, the Xbox store. While Microsoft and Sony do have deals in place where they discount games, offer promos, and so forth, the reality is that Steam does it better. This isn’t a preference, either, their deals are objectively more rewarding. So, for those of you on the PC side of the PC gaming vs console gaming argument, you can use the Steam game platform as a concrete win.

Split Screen

There is something to be said about a group of buddies huddling around a TV all playing the same game. Some of our most savored childhood memories are doing exactly that, perhaps with Halo on the original Xbox. PC gaming is an independent endeavor. While multiplayer is an option, you’re playing with those somewhere else—unless you’re in a LAN house. Consoles, on the other hand, provide this joint gaming experience that enthusiasts adore. With that being said, console games today are tailored more towards the independent gamer.

Game Selection

Without a doubt, PC gamers have a much larger selection to choose from. It’s simply unparalleled. One obvious reason is that the PC game library dates further back than that of consoles. Of course, not all games crossover. Mid-tier games on consoles aren’t going to spend the time to develop a computer-compatible version of their game, which means each form of gaming is going to have its ‘gems’ that can only be played on a specific platform.


When you buy a PC game, you don’t have to sign up for a subscription to play online since you’re already online. Take Xbox for example. You pay for your game, load it up, but the multiplayer function—which allows you to play with strangers—needs an Xbox Live account to work. Xbox Live accounts are not free. Thus, the console gamer is going to have pay somewhere around $60/year just to play online. At a convenience and cost standpoint, the PC gamer wins.


Again, we’re tipping our hat to you, PC gamer. The thing is, the PC gaming rig is often unique to the specific gamer. They can customize their setup, at the very least, with dynamic keyboards, a different gaming mouse, and headsets. Further, the PC gamer can loadout their gaming rig with any sort of hardware they want. It’s like their own robot—one they’ve designed to operate on the battlefield. Console gamers, on the other hand, must adhere to uniformity. A counterargument here is that uniformity begets equality, meaning ‘talent’ stands out more. It also leaves less room for hacking, modifications, or any sort of cheater tactics that might anger the gaming community.

Thing is, no matter how we frame it, it’s all about preference. When it comes to the dynamics of videogames, the PC gaming rig has a larger range. With that being said, it’s more expensive, not group friendly, and can cost money to maintain. There’s no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ type of gaming, simply the medium that suits your style the best.

PC vs Console: What Gaming is Best?

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