Phase 10 Card Games Rules – How to Play it!

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 23, 2019

Phase 10 Game

Phase 10 is one of the most played card games, especially among the youth. Not only the game is fun and gripping, but even the cards are attractive. Phase 10 rules say two-to-six players can play this game, so fun among friends or family is guaranteed with this game! The various colors, the cool numbering, the wild card and the skip card make the game not just attractive-looking, but also attractive to play. Many of the young people have competitions with this game, and the pressure of winning is high. After all, the winner gets to be famous in school or in his/her social circle! Even though this game isn’t such a tough game to play, it does require some teaching. Many people might not know how to play this game. If you’re too one of those people who has wondered “How to play spades” or “Who can help me with the rules of Phase 10”, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will help you know the phase 10 rules so that you too can be the champion among your friends/family! Enough chitchat, let’s get down to business!

How to Play Phase 10

Firstly, let’s get you known with the number and type of cards in the game. There are 24 cards of 4 colors, namely red, blue, green and yellow. The cards are numbered are marked from 1 to 12, having two of each number, making the total 24. There are 4 ‘skip’ cards colored in blue and 8 ‘wild’ cards, two of each other, making the total tally to 108.

Phase 10 rules dictate you to choose a dealer. The dealer deals 10 cards to each player. After dealing, the dealer puts the cards to the center of the table as this is the drawing pile. Player to the left of the dealer will start playing.

The wild card can be played after any card, irrespective of the color or number. You can use any number of wild cards to complete phases. The skip card can make the next player lose a round, just like in Uno. Wild cards can be used in place of any number, or any color.

‘Runs’ are four or more cards in numerical order. Even wild cards can be used to finish off a run.

‘Sets’, on the other hand, are two or more cards of the same number. Any color or number can be included for sets.

‘All One Color’, or flushes, are made when you have a group of cards of the same color, including wild card.

Phase 10 Card Games Rules

Phases are the most crucial aspect of this game. Phases must be completed in numerical order, with only a phase completed in each round. Next up is hitting. You can ‘hit’ onto the other phases in a play. Subsequently, you have to end the round as well. You need to end the round by using up all the cards from your hand. The player who finishes the round first gets no demerits. The rest gain the demerit points. In case players can’t complete their phase should complete it in the next phase. As you must’ve understood, if you have cards in your hand when a round ends, you gain demerit points. The demerit points are based like this:

  1. 5 points for each card whose numbers are between 1 to 9.
  2. 10 points for each card whose numbers are between 10 to 12.
  3. 15 points for the skip card.
  4. 25 points for the wild card.

Now that you know all the basic rules, we hope you can play out a game with your friend or sibling to try out your learnings before you can start a fierce and competitive game with your mates. Surely now, you know rules to phase 10, and once you master phase 10 rules, you are bound to win a game sooner than later. All the best!

Phase 10 Card Games Rules – How to Play it!

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