Portable Sinks, The Best Way to Manage Hygiene Outdoors

 Manjari Gupta
  Apr 05, 2018

A portable sink is a movable hand and dish washing station best suited for the place where there is no access to a traditional sink. Proper cleaning and washing of hands and utensil ensure good health & environment. What is the easy way of improving the health of your family and reduce the spreading of diseases? Encourage your family members, especially the smaller ones to ensure proper hand washing. This hand washing station encourages people to ensure proper hygiene even in any outside event.

These sinks are installed by event managers for an occasion where there will be a higher inflow of people. There are different cases where these portable sinks are a must-have proposition. Let us look into some of those events.

Food Festival

These movable sinks are required in large number in a food-focused festival. If you are planning such type of an event, then ensure you have a sufficient number of portable sinks for the occasion. People attending the event need to wash hands before, during, and after the event.

Weddings and Parties

These days, everybody is holding their wedding outdoors in a rustic barn or another area where there is no access to a traditional restroom. Renting movable sinks for such weddings is a good idea and there should be a sufficient number of such stations in the wedding.

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

Most outdoor music festivals and concerts don’t exactly have the reputation for being the cleanest of places. Increase the comfort level of hygiene by maintaining proper sanitation of the place. Everyone should be given access to a working place to wash the hands. Hand sanitizers are not the answer to the removing of visible dirt or oil. Installing a hand washing station is the correct way to move forward.


People at the campsites also used the portable hand washing station to the best of their ability. These stations have the capability of holding both hot and cold water, particularly useful at campsites. The hot water is best used to clear campsite or for washing dishes.


Construction is a dirty job and it is important that the contractor provides the workers with the easy cleanup option at the end of the day. The sinks are designed to handle tough requirements at the construction site. Removing some material like grease or heavy metal from hands can be difficult and hand washing stations are best used for that purpose.

Mobile Catering Services

Mobile catering service benefits enormously out of the movable sinks. It is providing an additional feature to the customers for use. This is a safe and convenient option to maintain proper hygiene of the place.

Daycare Facilities

There is an increasing number of daycares operating out of homes and modified storefront having portable hand washing station. It is important for quick cleanups and also under the guidelines for operating a daycare facility.

What are the things that need to be checked before buying a hand washing sink?

Washing the hands in necessary before and after the meal and here comes the use of portability of washing sinks. Buying or renting a sink is the best option in such cases and here are the things that need to be considered before booking the portable sink –

  1. Make the choice of your sink depending on the purpose of use, like catering business, classroom, medical use, etc.
  2. Now consider the point of portability with the movable unit. The user has the choice for a wheeled unit if you are looking to be moving it often or a simple one if it will stay fixed.
  3. Depending on the space availability, select the size of the sink. Check out the height and width of the movable hand washing station.
  4. There are different types of styled basins available according to the purpose. It comes in single, dual or triple basin styles and it can be often custom built to accommodate even more people.
  5. Now contemplate the build quality that suits your purpose. Stainless steel will be the option if you are looking for more durability. Also, choose polycarbonate fiber according to your requirement as it will cheaper.
  6. Choose the portable sink that suits your budget. There are different priced portable sink items that can be installed at the outdoor locations.


We can conclude with the fact that instant installation of hand washing stations provides the best flexible option to the outside event organizers. Many people buy or rent a hand washing station in their homes for personal use like in gardens or backward. All-in-all it is a safe and cost-effective option to maintain your personal hygiene and your family hygiene. You can rent a portable sink online after careful diagnosis of all different options.

Portable Sinks, The Best Way to Manage Hygiene Outdoors

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