Press Release & It's Importance: How it Helps in Improving Your Business

  Apr 02, 2019

Many experts believe that press release is dead. However, despite the claims, a lot of brands still know how effective and important it is in growing their business.

It contains a story that piques the human interest. A release contains facts, one or two quotes, and a boilerplate. There must be a paragraph that tells why it is relevant to your target editors. Provide images, videos, or case studies that support the facts.

Press Release

What is the purpose of a press release?

A release is used to promote something significant about the business. It is a document that is prepared by a company or brand following a standard format. Its main purpose is to:

  1. To inform the media an event with the hope that they will cover it.
  2. To inform the media about your business with the hope that they will write about it.
  3. To promote your brand over social media, sites, and all over the internet.

A well-written release can go miles. It can help brands reach their business goals.

It helps build a reputation.

As a startup, building your reputation must be done fast. You need to build your identity in the industry. Public relations is about what others perceive about you and not just what you say about your business.

When a journalist writes about you, you earn credibility and eventually trust. A Nielsen study found that content that highlights a company’s expertise is more effective than user-generated content. Expert content includes articles and reviews from third-party sites.

The research found that users are 50 percent more likely to have affinity into a product if there’s an expert content written about it. Your audience pays attention to a newsworthy content that adds value to the industry or content that is likely to be written by a journalist than a social media content or ad.

It helps boost your SEO.

It’s not true that there’s no SEO value with releases. Using quality press release distribution sites like Newswire can help you get better page ranking.

Optimizing your content and syndicating it to a number of search engines like Google News, Yahoo, and Bing can boost it more. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords that your target readers are using to find you.

Place it in the headline, subheading, and the body of the release. Stay away from keyword stuffing.

Hyperlink on anchor text link or keywords than the general terms, “click here” or “visit here.” Like keywords, refrain from placing too many links in a release because it looks “spammy.”

Concentrate on writing relevant and newsworthy content. It naturally attracts readers and makes them want to share it on social media.

Incorporate multimedia like images, video, and other visual elements. It optimizes your content, and make it appear on Google Images.

It enhances your visibility

Using a distribution service and getting a long-term plan can expose your brand more to the public. You can get more exposure and become highly visible to your target audience.

Since a wire service syndicates your release via different channels (television, radio, magazines, and newspapers) and in many locations and sites, you get wide exposure. Your news appears on search engines and social media networks.

If you’re going to get a monthly or annual plan, you’ll be more visible in the market than your competitors who are not using distribution. When you are more visible, your brand will be on the top of the minds of the potential buyers.

They are more likely to learn about you like what you do, what you offer, and why they must choose you. The moment you establish your credibility as a brand, the easier for you to earn their trust. Once your target audience begins to trust you, the easier for you to earn sales without actually selling it to them.

Press Release

You can acquire more clients.

When a journalist covered your story or mention you, you can use it to boost your credibility. It’s very important to earn credibility.

Don’t just stop when a newspaper published your story. Write about it and provide a link to the coverage. Provide a link to let them visit your site.

When you earn publicity, it is easier to acquire leads and eventually people who will buy from you. The next thing that you should be prepared of is converting them and lead them to the sales funnel.

It is easy for you to go viral.

These days, releases are social media ready. There is usually a social media sharing button for your readers to share it online.

They can tweet it, share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google +. You can boost the power of virality when you add visuals.

Include relevant and high-quality images or videos, infographics, and quotable quotes. This way, people are more encouraged to share it on their preferred social media site.

When your story goes viral, your opportunities grow more. You create a buzz about your business which you are not able to do with the traditional means.

It helps manage your reputation.

It is so easy for your company to receive online backlash, bad reviews, or negative publicity. No matter how you try to improve your reputation, you never know when someone unsatisfied can just attack your brand online.

A release can help save your brand from being damaged permanently. It can mitigate the crisis, and inform the public that you are handling the issues your way.

Issuing a release at the right time can help in saving your reputation. When you have a PR management in place, you can be assured that you can distribute a release at once when the crisis strikes.

Builds your reputation as an industry expert.

When you write news that highlights your expertise like writing white papers or results of research, writing a release that shows your strong opinion on a debatable topic or providing new information in your industry, you establish your brand as a thought leader. You can earn this reputation even you’re just a new business or a startup.

It shows that by distributing story on a regular basis, you can be more visible to the eyes of your target audience, investors and the media. When you distribute this kind of news, they will learn that you are a great source of information, and you are a trustworthy brand.

You can attract leads who are more likely to buy your product. You can also attract possible investors who are looking for great brands to work with. At the same time, you can attract reporters and influencers to mention you, or use your story when writing a feature story or industry trends.

It helps improve your sales.

When you write a release, maybe one of your goals is to drives sales. You can achieve this by writing a new product or service.

However, keep in mind that a release is not a sales content. It is never an advertisement. Write a release that is newsworthy and relevant.

It should be newsworthy that it focuses on the benefits that your audience should get. Stop talking about you. Place yourself in the shoes of the audience.

Lay the facts and why they should care about your offer. When they see that you are offering something that will benefit them, the easier for them to engage with you. They are also more likely to share your news.

Although it’s not an advertisement, it is a powerful tool to promote your business. Writing a release about a new product helps promote it far and wide and achieve your target sales.

It is an easy, fast, and economical way to promote information.

Distributing release is an easy, fast, and economical way to promote information about your brand. If you have important news to share like a new product or service, a company milestone, collaboration, achievement, writing a release is the best way to do it.

You can distribute your news via press releases distribution sites like PR Newswire, Newswire, PRWeb, Marketwired, or any other reputable paid wire services. These sites syndicate your story on media outlets, sites, and other locations over the internet.

It is distributed to their wide network of reporters and influencers. It appears on Google News, Bing, and Yahoo.

Your story can be distributed locally or nationally. It reaches people and places that are impossible for you to reach using traditional means.

A press release is an important tool that helps a brand to grow. Just when you are a startup, begin using a release to boost your reputation.

Use it for different reasons. There are plenty of newsworthy reasons to write it. Use it to your advantage and use a reputable paid distribution platform to syndicate your news.

For instance, if your company is going to receive an industry recognition next month, don’t forget to write a release. If you’re launching a new book, create more buzz and impact by writing a release about it.

Include it in your marketing plan. Work with your marketing and content team to ensure that you have a press release each time there is a significant happening in your business.

Press Release & It's Importance: How it Helps in Improving Your Business


Kristine Morana is a marketing consultant, promotion specialist and content creating guru. She writes custom content for the internet offering solutions from creative digital marketing tactics to SEO and web design driven by results. She enjoys applying her marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and improve customer experiences.

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