Proposed Changes in Rules That Migrants Should Know about Canada

 Bill Williams
  Dec 27, 2017

Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals will supplant the present initiative, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives who have been in control barely short of ten years. While much can be stated, both great and awful, about the decade-long Harper/Conservative heritage, his administration has rolled out clearing improvements in its residency that have irreversibly changed the Canadian Immigration scene. with regards to the migration document. Amid Pierre Trudeau's administration they swore official help to the Canadian idea of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism, in a Canadian setting, implies coordinating newcomers into Canadian culture without compelling them to shed their own particular one of a kind personality and culture. This dynamic position on multiculturalism characterized Canada as a country that is tolerating of migrants and, of course, helped win the hearts and psyches of numerous new Canadians.

Canada was always there in the priority consideration of immigrants as this country ensures high standards of living and variety of employment opportunities. A large number of people are getting attracted to this place every year, and the Canadian government is also very lenient in their immigration policies which make it easier for the applicants to get through quickly.

Many new regulations have been passed by the government in terms of Canada immigration rules in the recent years, and CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) was one of the important ones among these which now regulates the changes in categories and procedures in terms of permanent and temporary immigrants. Currently, there are classifications like Federal Skilled Workers, Temporary Foreign Workers, and Family Class PRs. Let's know the top two classifications in better details as below.

Federal skilled worker

There had been some amendments made recently by the government in Federal Skilled Worker policies. Changes made in it had shown some positive result in the past. The new changes had been proposed by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to ensure high standards in the Canadian economy and social situations. Some significant proposed changes by CIC are:

  • Increase a minimum number of points to be attained by applicants to 20 from 16 in language
  • Increase points to 12 from 10 of applicants between 25-34 age group by considering adaptability
  • Reduce the number of years of education in terms of trades
  • Reduce points from 21 to 15 in terms of work experience
  • Avoid any fraud by assessing job offers given by potential employers

CIC proposed these changes in Federal Skilled Worker Program with an objective of providing better facilities to immigrants to meet their economic and social security goals, but not been put into practice yet.

Temporary foreign workers

It is noted that there is a considerable exploitation faced now by the migrants at workplaces as reiterated by many Maple immigration services experts. It has even made the aspiring immigrants a bit hesitant about their move to Canada. In a bid to avoid such instances (though at a minimal level) from adversely affecting the immigrant inflow, the Canadian government has proposed some new amendments to the immigrant regulations such as like Immigration & Refugee Protection Act. These changes are meant to protect the interests of Canadians immigrants, especially under the Temporary Foreign Worker Status. The amendment is intended for:

  • Reducing the exploitation of workers in temporary foreign worker category
  • Protecting the employees in case if the employer fails to be compliant with the set rules
  • Ensuring that the work permits issued under this group are for temporary purposes only
  • The act also enables the government to keep a close eye on temporary foreign workers.

The impact of changes

On these new amendments put into action, it will become necessary for all employers to prove that offers given to all temporary foreign workers are genuine. It will also be the responsibility of the employers to show that the work history and records of the staff are well.

Even though these may put forth a little bit of confusion in case of the existing skilled workers and temporary employees, on a long run, it will work in favor of the migrants in terms of avoiding any chance of fraudulence in the name of employment as well as to enjoy a better economic and social situation.

Proposed Changes in Rules That Migrants Should Know about Canada

Bill Williams

Bill Williams is a noted blogger who has already worked in immigration companies. He has vast knowledge on this topic, and he has shared some vital immigration details through this post. He has also highlighted the Immigration Agency Toronto services.

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