Public Holidays in New Zealand at a Glance

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 16, 2019

Each country has its own public holidays and each has different ways to celebrate. Every public holiday has its own history too. New Zealand is one of the most famous countries for its history and public holidays as well. People of New Zealand enjoy these days with pride. Let’s discuss about the most-loved public holidays in New Zealand.

Here is a List of Famous Public Holidays in New Zealand

Public Holidays in New Zealand

New Year’s Day: 1st January, Tuesday

New Year day comes usually comes on 1st January. It is the beginning of the New Year. According to the Georgian calendar, it comes after a week of Christmas. Normally, a new year is a public holiday in most of the countries as they observe the Georgian calendar. In the old Roman, it was observed on 15 March. Two Roman diplomats fixed 1st January as the start of the year. The month is named after the Roman god of door and gates. It is celebrated with full of joy except for some countries. For instance, Israel does not observe 1st January due to religious reasons. They follow the Jewish calendar. The public holidays in New Zealand are celebrated with a lot of fun. New Year is no exception. It is one of the most-loved New Zealand holidays.

Waitangi Day: (observed as National Day) 6th February, Wednesday

Waitangi Day is celebrated as a National day. 6th February is declared a holiday in New Zealand. People gather to commemorate the singing the treaty of Waitangi. 6th February 1840 they found a document named Waitangi. In 2014 there was a change in holiday act that if Waitangi may come on the weekend, then the following Monday will be declared as a holiday. The treaty made way easy for New Zealand to be a part of the British Empire. That helped Maori to get the rights on their land and British citizenship. Waitangi day is also known as a public holiday in New Zealand.

Good Friday: 19th April, Friday

The world has more population of Christianity. They are found each and every nook of the world. Many Christian countries observe Good Friday as a National holiday. People from all over the world pay homage to the assassination of Jesus. It’s not a day of celebration; it is a day of grief. The people of New Zealand mourn over the death of Jesus Christ. They go to church and meditate and feel the pain of Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. Some people join in Good Friday procession and some remember Christ by recreating the act of crucifixion.

Easter Monday: 22nd April, Monday

It falls exactly after one day. People of New Zealand celebrate Easter Monday day after Sunday Easter. In most countries, it is declared an official holiday. Easter was also known as (Pascha). Some years back it used to be celebrated in March and April. It was also observed as the season of the church year. On this day, people go to different places and spend their quality time with their families and relaxed for a while. They enjoy Easter week full of enjoyment.

Anzac Day: 25th April, Thursday

Anzac Day is observed on 25th April in New Zealand. Maybe, it falls on the weekend then the following Monday will be observed as Anzac Day. On this day, people rally and recall the New Zealand and Australia forces, who took first joint military action during the First World War, These troops were labeled as Anzac Day. People of New Zealand celebrate this public holiday with pride and mourn over the sacrifice and contribution of these militants to the country.

Queen’s birthday: 3rd June, Monday

The queen’s birthday is celebrated in June. This public holiday is celebrated every year in memory of Queen Elizabeth-2. Queen Elizabeth rules the heart of people. She was not only a queen of New Zealand but also of Britain. Elizabeth was declared a successor after her father’s death. People have a colorful parade with different looks. They spend the whole day after the celebration.

Labor Day: 28th October, Monday

It is a public holiday in New Zealand. It comes in October. The eight-day working movement started with a carpenter named Samuel Parnell, who denied working more than eight hours in a day. He told employee that. There are 24 hours in a day. So, employees should be provided eight hours for work, eight hours for recreating new things and eight hours for sleep. After his demands, many employees joined this movement and passed a resolution in favor of Samuel Parnell. People remember and salute him.

Christmas Day: 25th December, Wednesday

Public Holidays in New Zealand

Christmas is widely celebrated across the world. The world enjoys the birth of Jesus Christ this day. It occurs on 25 December according to tradition. Government declares Christmas week. People share wishes to one another. They attend the mass. They plan a late night celebration. They plan a meeting with their kin and having lunch or dinner.

Boxing Day: 26th December, Thursday

Boxing Day is celebrated just after 25 December. If it is Saturday or Sunday then it is celebrated on the next weekday. On this day people do activities like giving gifts to the servicemen for their service. There is a tradition of opening alms boxes, which contain money, will be donated to the poor and needy people. This is the best way to celebrate Boxing Day.

If you are fond of enjoying such public holidays, go and enjoy the public holidays in New Zealand.

Public Holidays in New Zealand at a Glance

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