Public Holidays in South Africa 2019 with List of Celebrations

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 12, 2019

Public Holidays in South Africa 2019

In olden days there was no importance of such public holidays compared to nowadays. People of today’s generation don’t want the days to pass too quickly. People want to enjoy every public holiday in South Africa with harmony and enthusiasm. They want to make these days special and full of joy as they are sick of hectic schedule every day.

Some people believe that the days are growing shorter and memories are growing longer. It stays with you forever. So if you are looking for a public holiday, don’t miss the chance to go on public holidays in South Africa 2019. South Africa is known for celebrating public holidays with a passion. For those who love celebrating such public holiday, South Africa is a perfect place.

public holidays in South Africa



New Year’s Day

Tuesday, 1st January

Human Rights Day

Thursday, 21st March

Good Friday

Friday, 19th April

Family Day

Monday, 22nd April

Freedom Day

Saturday, 27th April

Workers Day

Wednesday, 1st May

Youth Day

Sunday, 16th Jun (Observed on Monday)

National Women’s Day

Friday, 9th August

Heritage Day

Tuesday, 24th September

Day Of Reconciliation

Monday, 16th December

Christmas Day

Wednesday, 25th December

Day Of Goodwill

Thursday, 26th December

Below is a list of Public Holidays in South Africa 2019

Tuesday, 1 January: New year’s day:

What to do on new year’s eve

People of South Africa celebrate New Year’s Day in accordance with the Georgian calendar. On the eve of New Year, they mostly use bold and energetic colors through which they want to indicate that the people of South Africa are bold and energetic. Such a colorful ambiance makes this day memorable for a lifetime. South Africa is the perfect place for those who are willing to have a thrill in life. It is going to be an unforgettable New Year for you. Usually, they spend the daytime with their family. On the eve of New Year, many couples would love celebrating with full of joy as if there is no tomorrow. People love enjoying public holidays in South Africa.

Thursday, 21 March: Human rights day

In South Africa, this day is celebrated in the memory of Sharpeville martyrs, who have given up their life for the sake of fundamental rights such as, shelter, water, and freedom of expression. It is also a tribute to them. On this day, the president of South Africa addresses a speech and put emphasis on fighting for the rights. People celebrate this day with full enthusiasm.

Friday, 19 April: Good Friday

It is not a day of celebration but it is a day of mourning. On this day Jesus Christ sacrifices his life for our sins. People keep fasting on this day and spend the whole day after prayer. They go to churches and attend the mass and mourn over the death of Jesus Christ.

Monday, 22 April: Family day

Family day is considered as a family day in South Africa. It is also known for the community day. On this day people take leave from their hectic schedule and spend quality time with their family and kin. Some families would like to go to different places to enjoy special moments with family.

Saturday, 27 April: Freedom day

Freedom day is celebrated in Africa with full patriotism. This day is marked as the liberation of the country from racial discrimination and color differences. (27-4-94) on this day, the country had its first democratic election .the country became free from racial & hatred politics.

Wednesday, 1 May: Workers day

Workers day is called a national public holiday in South Africa. It is a tribute to all working-class families in South Africa. On this day, there is a holiday in schools, and most businesses are closed.

Sunday, 16 June: Youth day

Youth day is celebrated in the remembering of the youth who lost their lives during the Soweto uprising in 1976. Roughly 400 youths were killed that day. The main aim to celebrate this day is to keep alive these martyrs in mind forever.

Friday, 9 August: National Women’ day

This day is celebrated in the memory of the women who fought for their right. This march took place in 1956. Approximately, 20,000 women took to the streets and marched towards the union buildings in Pretoria. They were against the pass law imposed on black women. On this day, women gather at that place and pay homage to those brave women for their sacrifice.

Thursday, 24 September: Heritage day

The main intention to celebrate this day is to look after the national tradition and culture of this country. People are said to save the national heritage of the country. The people go to many historical places and know the history and originality in detail.

Monday, 16 December: Day of Reconciliation

It was a time when this country was facing racialism across the country. People from black and white communities used to clash each-other. Many of them lost their precious life to get salvation from the policy of discrimination. This day was created as a public holiday by the first non-racial and democratic government. The main intention was to bring racial communities together again and set up an example of unity across the country. The racial communities reconcile each other to bring unity.

Wednesday, 25 December: Christmas day

Everybody is familiar with the Christmas festival as it is celebrated all over the world. Jesus Christ was born on this day. Each and every nook of the world is adorned with varieties of stars and Christmas trees. People of South Africa sing carols on that day. They wish Merry Christmas to each other. They have a party with different themes. People go on traveling with families. The month of Christmas is declared a festive month in united states and have a full month vacation.

Thursday, 26 December: Day of goodwill

Day of goodwill comes one day after Christmas. This extra day was created as a day of goodwill so that people can spare more time with family and friends. They can relax for some time. On this day, people go to the beach and enjoy a lot. People utilize their free time with family.

If you happen to go to South Africa in the future, keep in mind all these public holidays in South Africa. You will get an amazing test of celebration.

Public Holidays in South Africa 2019 with List of Celebrations

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