Publicity: What Is the Right Way to Execute Your Media Contacts Plan

 Roberto Liccardo
  Jun 05, 2019


In a context in which the digital world is incredibly abysmal, the difficulties of the market have been increasing. It is for this reason that collaboration and mutual help make a difference.

If you still haven't seen it clearly, let's give context:

As a user, have you found yourself surfing the Internet with a clear goal? And then, after half an hour, you end up looking at something that had nothing to do with the initial task?

Although there is a great deal of information and tools available for the development of any marketing campaign and PR campaigns, all this content can decentralize the target audience from the purchase target - precisely, from finding your brand.

It's at this point where the publicity strategy comes in. Your duty as an entrepreneur is to promote the creation of media contacts capable of filling spaces and reaching the audience in places where conventional marketing strategies would never come on their own (natural reputation).

Today, we will talk about the five secrets to introduce in your company to start generating valuable media contacts.

Approaches and channels

To start collecting media contacts, you must first take into account that there is a variety of channels on which to focus all your attention.

Perhaps these don't meet the same criteria regarding each other, but tackling all together will help to achieve reasonable rates in what every entrepreneur / SME / freelance wants: conversion and sales.

After all, it is known that, without customers, there is no business. But getting them and retaining them requires having media contacts as your allies.

Why is it necessary to include a media plan in your publicity


Because with a plan, you will be responsible for analyzing and selecting the channels through which mediums will best transmit the information indicated to the appropriate public at the right time, with the best use of available resources

Of course, the strategy for selecting communication channels depends on multiple factors:

  • Communication goals. Brand recognition, generate or modify attitudes, and call to action.
  • Quantitative objectives. The scope required, the volume of traffic to reach the number of prospective contacts you need.
  • Relations. The level of affinity and proximity the target has with the channel; it is imperative to select channels close to the lifestyle and routine of your target audience.
  • Precision. The more ambitious the objectives of the media contacts are, in most cases, an enormous scope and therefore, a more elaborate plan will be necessary.
  • Focus. It is vital to identify the role of each channel in your media strategy.

First contact standards

  • Give them an exclusive on a silver platter.

There is nothing media and journalist love more than an exclusive because it gives them a privileged position concerning the other communication platforms.

  • But how to create an exclusive to grant to the media?

The truth is that your brand should always be exclusive; after all, it is a new product/service in the market. But, to motivate them, you will need much more than that.

Your task is to generate a piece of curious news around the nature of your brand and give an informative twist in the form of a headline.

In addition to that, to make it more appealing, offer the possibility of sharing more info. Of course, it is a complete pack that revolves around what you're interested in being reflected.

Hold an event and involve the press

Involving them directly in a fundraising or launching event is a fundamental part, as many of them will publish and talk about this in the days before and after. The right media contact action with journalists should be revolving around prominent local opinion leaders.

Throughout this article - and as Forbes reflects - there is a maxim that always repeats itself: using the tools of publicity will give you many more possibilities to be published in the media as news. That's the vast difference between those who are left halfway and those who reach that significant impact through the press.

There is no excuse on why other brands can do it and yours cannot because creativity costs very little.

Publicity: What Is the Right Way to Execute Your Media Contacts Plan

Roberto Liccardo

Roberto Liccardo is the founder and CEO of GoodNoon, a PR & Marketing agency. He wears his 12 years of direct and managerial experience in intensive Digital Marketing and Analytics, which also includes consultancies on Growth Hacking for leading Silicon Valley companies.

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