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  May 20, 2018

Damage caused by fire

Damage caused by fire can be a devastating event and can be due to a large number of factors, including cigars and curling irons, and most respond completely to accidents. But whether or not it is the product of an accident, fire can literally destroy a lifetime of possessions and hard work! And the cost is not only monetary. Fires are the second cause of accidental deaths in the home; however, even in the face of severe damage caused by fire, a quick or immediate restoration of such damage can help you quickly reduce soot, smoke and other long-term damage and risks in general. When it comes to restoration of damage caused by fire, involves many components. Obviously, it cannot undo the emotional damage and loss that normally involves the serious fire of a home; you can not necessarily restore photos or a lifetime of memories and possessions; And, of course, there is always the inconvenience of having to find other places to settle.

But restoring damage caused by fire does more than just restore the condition of your home. It's about security. Yes, you can slap a new coat of paint; Yes, you can make the house looks good; but frequently, in the case of fire damage, you can see serious damage to the structure of the house, as well as accumulation of coal, dust and other things that can really damage the health and well-being of any future occupant.

So what does the restoration of damage caused by fire involve?

It partly depends on the damage caused by the fire as to what will involve the restoration of these in terms of time, effort and others; However, there are some basic steps necessary to ensure your safety and the general satisfaction of a home that looks as good as it should have been before any damage suffered by fire, regardless of the reason or cause.

Remove all damaged cells. No structural component that has suffered serious damage caused by fire will be fixed with rubber and a good coat of new paint, and trying to do a patchwork job in the restoration of the damage caused by the fire in the long run can really cause more harm that benefit; therefore, we remove all the structural components that have been affected by the fire.

Remove floor coverings. When it comes to the restoration of damage caused by fire, you must remove them, as they can collect soot, dust and cover other damages that should be properly evaluated.

Evaluate the structural framework and the material that is below the floor. Once we have removed the carpets and the structural damage cells, we can make a total evaluation of the material that is below the floor and other things that you do not see every day in order to complete a total and useful evaluation for a Complete restoration of damage caused by fire that will not have to be fixed later.

Treat the frames of the walls with odor neutralizers. There are cases in which frames can be saved and, therefore, can represent for you a saving of time, money and suffering. In this case, we will do what is necessary using the neutralizing odors to ensure that there is no contamination of microbes or other things that may harm your health or your home in the future.

Remove or restore the HVAC (English Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning ) (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). This is absolutely critical for real success. The HVAC, depending on the magnitude of the damage, must be carefully evaluated and thoroughly restored or removed altogether, depending on the particular case. This will remove harmful dust and carbon particles in the air that could cause scarring or even scarring of the alveoli.

These are the basic steps of restoring damage caused by fire, but there are many more things involved. We take all major safety precautions while checking each individual room regarding your restoration needs for fire damage. We aerate the structures, paint the walls, save the slightly damaged structures and replace those that must be replaced. With our services of restoration of damages caused by fire, it will not be the smell alone whose evidence will never have to see; Our goal in the services of restoration of damages caused by fire is first of all to act as if this had never happened.

After a fire, many feel anxious to clean their homes. They see the damage caused by the fire, the black walls, the burned furniture, the obvious and visible damage that a fire can cause; however, what many do not think about is the damage caused by the smoke. After all, while house fires are the # 1 cause of accidental deaths in American homes, it is not fire that usually kills, but rather smokes. And, likewise, the smoke is, ultimately speaking, what can remain in the walls and structures causing the most potential damage a posteriori.

But while you can easily deal with the problems associated with the damage caused by smoke and fire damage, you need professional smoke restoration services that allow you to really treat all potential problems. Yes, a new painting and a new dressing can make the area look good, but only cover a bigger problem; In short, put a Band-Aid on a broken limb. So, how do you really treat the proper restoration of the damage caused by the smoke?

First of all, you can do part of the work to unblock the situation. The first thing to do is open the windows, keep the area properly ventilated, turn on a fan. In cold climates, you can turn on your heater while changing the furnace filter daily. You should dry the wet items as efficiently as possible and treat the risk of damage caused by mold.

The smell of smoke is often obvious in personal belongings, so you can wash your sheets, blankets, clothes and upholstered furniture, even to receive professional cleaning services to ensure that they are using the appropriate cleaners and other materials that really remove the smell and properly deodorize the items.

But while you can take care of these superficial tasks, there are things that you just can not do, and that's when you should call a professional restorer for smoke damage. The damages caused by smoke can be of different types. You may have wet smoke, which is slow, spicy, sticky, oily, and burns slowly; It is usually harder to clean. Also, there is dry smoke, which burns fast and at high temperatures. There is protein smoke, which is invisible, but discolours the paint with a pungent odor; and there are other different types.

What we should note is that things like soot, oil and fuel can easily get stuck in the walls, causing future health and sustenance problems. The best services of restoration of damages caused by smoke will help you by means of the meticulous cleaning of these surfaces, replacing some joints and evaluating properly the necessities of your home, so that this one not only will look better, but that really will be better


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