Review of WiredTree – A Quality Hosting Service that assures 100% Uptime

 Wallace Thomas
  Nov 30, 2016


Want to launch a website? Then, you will need web hosting. Hosting is like renting a space on a web server to store or place your website files.

If you want to make your website live and working on the internet, you will need web hosting services.

Yes, nor a perfectly designed logo or a catchy website theme, it’s web hosting service that will let your website reach out to your audience on the internet. Hence, if you want to engage your customers with your website, you will need a reliable hosting service that can let your website function properly and be going all the time!

So, do you wonder what can get you a good hosting service?

No worries! Just relax as I discuss with you a few most important things that are concerned with hosting services and are necessary to look out while selecting a hosting for your website.

Uptime Guarantee

It’s imperative to select a web host that guarantees hundred percent website uptime in order to let your website reach out to your visitors or customers 24*7. Particularly, for an ecommerce business that’s selling its products and services through its portal, uptime is the most important factor to consider because every minute of their website downtime shall cost them heavily on their pockets. So, a reliable host with high uptime guarantee should be an essential part of your hosting service selection process.

24*7 Support

Issues related to your website hosting can occur anytime and yes, they won’t warn you before coming. So, in order to tackle such unavoidable and undesired situations, you should look out for hosts with the best support services. Knowledge base, ticketing systems, live chat and phone support are various support services offered by modern hosting service providers. There are also a few hosting providers that offer support through community forums. Phone and live chat are the most popular, reliable and faster support mechanisms which one should consider while selecting a hosting service.

Scalability on Demand

Assume that you are planning to scale your website with more features and functionalities. This may consume more bandwidth and space on your web server. Hence, you need a hosting provider who can fulfill your on-demand increasing bandwidth or web server space needs with time. If you are running out of bandwidth or web server space at a particular point of time, your host should be able to provide you with additional space, bandwidth and even features for your hosting requirements according to your needs.

Unlimited Domains & Accounts

There are many web hosting providers in the market who can offer you services with the freedom to create any number of domains or hosting accounts with them without any restrictions. Selecting such hosting services can give you freedom to host any number of websites and create unlimited hosting accounts for business scaling.

Security Updates

Consider you are running financial transactions or saving some highly important files on your web server. In this case, you need the best protection from possible threats or server hacks. You shall always want the strongest security features for your web server to protect it from malicious malware and undesired intruders. Hence, while selecting a web host, you need to be very careful to ensure that you have got your hands on the most reliable services with toughest security features and updates.

Automatic Backups

Automatic back-ups is a highly desired feature which anyone would look out from his/her hosting service. Back-ups will allow an enterprise to catch up with their crucial historical data at any point of time and can help firms to avoid undesired situations that may arise from data loss. Regular automatic backups by server shall help you recover from data loss problems and therefore, ensure complete safety of your critical business data all the time.

Here’s What I consider as the Best Hosting Service – My Review of WiredTree

An year ago I was looking for a reliable hosting service to launch my website online and this is when one of my friends suggested me, WiredTree hosting services. Initially, I had my doubts regarding the quality of the services just as any other entrepreneur would have. But, as I continued using the WiredTree managed VPS hosting services, I found them highly reliable and secure, an absolute hosting service which any business would like to have.

Let’s have a look on what type of hosting services WiredTree offers businesses to keep up with their website requirements.

WiredTree Managed VPS Hosting

WiredTree offers different Virtual Private Server hosting solutions to meet different web hosting needs of the businesses. Below are a few WiredTree managed VPS hosting plans in 2016 which you can select for your business needs.

Img source:

The above plans are monthly priced and include cPanel/WHM licensing as well. The hosting provider offers discounts for prepayments as well ranging from 2.5% to 10% on quarterly to annual terms respectively.

WiredTree Hybrid VPS Hosting

WiredTree offers flexibility in its plans so that the businesses with more server space or bandwidth requirements can approach a stronger hosting plan called hybrid VPS. WiredTree hybrid VPS hosting is all about larger memories and disk space, faster input-output performance and assured CPU cores. These are just apt hosting services for those who are looking for a middle option in between the dedicated server hosting plans and VPS plans of WiredTree hosting services.

There are two types of hybrid VPS hosting plans offered by the hosting service – WiredTree SSD VPS Hosting and WiredTree SSD-Accelerated VPS Hosting plans. Prices of different hosting plans under these two categories of hosting solutions offered by WiredTree are as follows.

Img source:

WiredTree Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

WiredTree managed dedicated server hosting is all about maximum I/O speed on the server. Prices of these hosting plans are reasonable as compared to other hosting provider services and moreover come with various optional upgrades like CPU, RAM or HDD upgrades with more SSD size.

Hence, of your requirement is large and you need dedicated servers to meet the web needs of your business, then you can go for WiredTree managed dedicated server hosting plans.

Wrapping Up…

WiredTree hosting services can guarantee 100% uptime for your website. Moreover, what I have found in my experience of using these services is that this hosting provider is highly reliable. For instance, they gave me five percent refund on my hosting plan for 30 minutes downtime. Moreover, for their VPS or hybrid VPS hosting solutions, they provide guaranteed uptime with credit of ten times the amount of downtime unless it is a customer mistake or a scheduled maintenance requirement resulting in the downtime. Last but not the least WiredTree is A rated BBB accredited hosting service provider on which you can definitely rely on, for your business web hosting requirements for the best outcome.

Review of WiredTree – A Quality Hosting Service that assures 100% Uptime

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