Ring of Fire Drinking Game Rules - That Everyone Should Know

 Kevin Brown
  Feb 11, 2019

The following content is rules for Ring of fire which is also known as King’s Cup and Circle of death. One can purchase online Kings Cup playing cards if in case you fail to remember all the rules. All the rules are printed are already printed on the cards.

Ring of fire

Ring of Fire Official Rules

  1. In order to play the game, firstly clean the table and then place the cup in the middle of the table and also surround the cup with the deck of cards in a circle.
  2. Secondly, ask your friends to gather around the table and each person should hold a cup/bottle of alcohol.
  3. The following content will let you know which card stands for:

Card name





Everyone has to drink until the person who picked the card stop. It will be challenging for everyone.



You have a right to choose anyone to drink.



Lucky you, now you have to drink.



All the girls have to drink.


Thumb master

One needs to place the thumb on the table and everyone needs to follow the same and the last one has to drink. You will be the thumb master till someone else picks a five.



Now, all the Guys have to drink.



Place your finger towards the sky, everyone has to follow and the one who will be last has to drink.



Choose someone to drink with you.



Pick a word for an example cat and the person standing next to you has to say a word that rhymes with your word for example hat. It will continue with everyone and the one who fails to do so will drink.



Pick a category for example cooking and then everyone has to say a word that fits the same category for example spices, recipe, vegetables, etc. Whoever fails have to drink.


Make a rule

You can set rules for everyone and you will be also including to follow the same rule for the whole entire game.



Ask questions to everyone present there by walking towards them and whoever messes up and does not ask a question, have a drink.



You must pour a little of your drink into the cup which is placed at the middle of the table. Now whoever picks the last king must drink the whole cup. At last who knows how bad it will taste because of so many drinks are poured.

4. Now, the one who is familiar with the rules of the card will pick a card and follow the rules. Go in a circle and keep picking a card till the last king is picked.

A glance on About the Ring of Fire Drinking Game!

This a stupendous game that is played with playing cards. The player must follow the rules according to the card selected by him or her. Each card has a different rule that should be familiar to everyone before the game starts.

This game is popular among the young and passionate people who are fond of drinks or parties during leisure time. Availability of different taste of drinks will add more fun during the game. One has to follow the rule and perform the same task. During the last moment, one cannot deny performing the task. The task can be anything respective to the card. The game comes to an end when a person picks a king. In which he/she has to have a drink.

This game has an endless set of rules. It is not necessary to follow the same rules published behind the packet of the cards. A group can set their rule by omitting any rule according to their desire. Rules should be clarified before starting the game.

According to the group’s rule, the game can end when King Card is drawn or the drink in the cup has been consumed or maybe when the cards are not left on the table.

Ring of Fire Drinking Game Rules - That Everyone Should Know

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