Road Safety Rules: Your Children Should Learn to Be Safe

 Kevin Brown
  May 01, 2019

It is very significant to keep your children safe as you always cannot stay with them. You cannot provide security everywhere. At home you are accountable for their safety but what about on the road? Have you ever thought about it? As a parent, you should teach road safety rules to your innocent children so that they can save themselves in your absence.

We have got some of the most important road safety rules for your kids that can help your children to overcome safely.

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Road Safety Rules

As we know that children are very innocent and playful. It is obvious that they are not aware of such rules. They don’t have the maturity to follow the road safety rules. It takes time to get maturity. They don’t know what to do on the road. Without proper guidance of the elders, they can be in trouble. You should not compromise with the safety of your children. The accidents will occur until you understand the importance of road safety rules.

Road Safety Rules

Below are 10 Safety Rules for Children

Understand the indications of signals:

According to the road safety rules, you can’t break the traffic signals. It is very important for your kids to have enough information about road signals. They should be taught about the traffic and the signal’s indication. The green signal indicates to move your vehicle ahead. Your kids stop the vehicle when there is a red signal. If you find yellow light, you are supposed to decrease the speed of your vehicle and stop immediately. If there is a sign of “Don’t walk” your kids should never cross the road. Sometimes, there is a sign of “Hand” in place of “walking man” As a parent you must make your kids familiar with traffic signals.

Keep an eye on both sides while crossing:

Road Safety Rules

While crossing the road, kids should not be allowed to cross the road without any adult supervision. You should give proper guidance to your children about crossing the road. Teach them not to make haste while crossing. First, ensure that both sides are safe to cross or not, then cross the road. The best way to teach your kids is to take your kids outside and make them cross the road. Keep instructing them when crossing the road. Don’t cross the road when a vehicle is approaching you. Your children do not follow the road safety rules until they understand its importance.

Don’t run on the streets:

Stop your kids running on the busy street as there is too much traffic. They must be taught to avoid running on the street. Normally, the children have not enough sense of where to run or play? They are always busy playing no matter, where they are. The children should be cautioned not to play near the busy street. If your kids cross the restricted area, it is going to be dangerous and can put them in the risk. It is very important to implement road safety rules.

Avoid the use of mobile:

As a parent, you should teach your children not use mobile or even a free-hand device, when they are driving. Warn your kids against using any electronic device while driving because it distracts your mind. Don’t let them use mobile while walking on the road. Sometimes you are so engaged in the phone that you don’t know where you are moving. Such negligence is the cause of the accident.

Don’t ride bicycle recklessly:

Immature children love to ride bicycle speedily because it is a pleasant experience for them in the beginning. They are not aware of road safety rules; they usually ride a bicycle outside the lane that can lead them in trouble. Tell your children to execute lane rules when riding. Always ride a bicycle within the lanes otherwise there is a full chance of the accident.

Stay away from playing on the road:

At the present time, there is a great craze for gully cricket amongst the children. They are bound to play on the lane as they do not have enough space to play. The kids should be advised to play in the ground or nearby park. Make them understand that playing on the road is not a safe spot and tell them to play where they can play freely.

Use a helmet:

It is very important to wear a helmet while driving. It is much needed. As a parent, it is our responsibility to tell them about the importance of wearing a helmet. A report suggests that 90 percent of people die of head injuries, thus helmet must be used while driving. Let your children follow this road safety rule.

Be careful when getting off a car:

Unlike adults, kids are very hasty doing anything. They always make a mistake in a hurry. You should advise your kids to get off a car at the appropriate side of the road, never follow the wrong side to get out of the car. An oncoming vehicle from the same side can hit you hard.

Walk on the road holding hand:

While crossing the road, you must hold your kid’s hand to ensure safety. If you forget to do so, your child can dash with a vehicle and invite death. Every parent should follow this road safety rule.

Teach your kids discipline:

Every parent ought to teach discipline to their kids. If they are taught discipline, they will automatically start implementing such rules and regulations.

Rules are made for our safety. We must obey, not to ignore. First of all, every parent should follow the road safety rules and then impose upon their kids.

Road Safety Rules: Your Children Should Learn to Be Safe

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