Rounders Rules- How to Play Rounders Game!

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 25, 2019

Rounders is a bat and ball game which is played between two teams. It is a striking and fielding game that involves hitting a hard, leather ball with rounded end plastic, wooden, or metal bat. The rounders rules are very much similar to that of baseball. The players score by running in the pitch around the four bases of the field. Let’s have a look at how to play rounders.

Rounder Rules

Rounders Rules

The rounders game is divided in number of innings, in which the teams switch at batting and fielding. A team contains 9 players. The number of players and positions of rounders players in the fielding team must have a bowler, a catcher, a player on each of the four bases and 3 in fielders. Team can be of min. 6 players and maximum of 15 players. 9 players out of which are on the field at a time.

Points in the game, also known as ‘rounders’ are scored by the batting team when one of the players complete the run around the rounders pitch without getting out. According to the rounders rules, the game is usually played over 2 innings.

The batter must strike a good ball and try to create a rounder in an anti-clock wise direction around the first, second and the third base and finally to home i.e. fourth. They may rest at any of the first 3 bases.

According to rounders rules, Equipment must include a ball, a bat, a uniform for each, helmet, knee pads, hand pads and a chest protector (if heavy ball of metal or rubber).

Batting in Rounders

If a batter reaches on the 2nd or 3rd base in one hit, the batting team gets a ½ rounder (points). These rounders rules for batting are very much interesting when comes to playing.

If a batter reaches the home or 4th base, then the batting team earns a full rounder.

A batter is out if a fielder catch the ball hit by a batter before it touches the ground or if the ball touches any of the bases the batter is running to before the batter reaches it.

If a batter reaches the 4th base on a no ball, then that team scores a rounder. In this case, the batter cannot be caught out.

Rounders rules say that the batting team earns ½ rounder if a batter reaches the 4th base without hitting the ball.

If the ball goes behind the batter, then he must wait at the 1st base only until it comes forward. If the 4th base is reached, team earns 1 rounder score.

If a batter reaches the 2nd base before the next ball is bowled, the beating team gets ½ rounder. But, if the batter continues to run, and is put out before the 4th base, then that point is taken off.

If a batter earns 2 no balls in a row, then ½ rounder is given to the batting team as a penalty to the fielding team. ½ rounder penalty is given to the batting team if a batter is obstructed by a fielder. These were the basic rounders rules for batting team.

Rules of Batting

When batting, a player can use both the hands.

All batters must wait behind the batting field and far away from the 4th base.

If a player is caught out, they must wait in the backward far away from the 1st base.

A batter must hold on to the bat, while running around the track. If there is an accident, then when the game is at a dead ball situation, the umpire asks the batter to retrieve their bat.

There is a no ball when: -

  • The ball goes above the head or below the knee.
  • The ball bounces on its way towards you.
  • The bowler’s foot is outside the square when they release the ball.
  • When a bowler doesn’t use a smooth underarm action.

Rounders Game

A batter is out when: -

According to the standard rounders game rules, a batter is out in the following cases-

  • A batter runs inside the area of the bases.
  • The base on which the batter is running is stumped.
  • A batter overtakes a previous batter on the field.
  • The batter misses or hits a ball when their foot is over the front or the back line of the batting ground.
  • A batter purposely throws a bat
  • A batter is caught out
  • The batter loses contact with the post when the bowler has the ball.

Conclusion: -

The rounders rules and regulations are very much similar to those of the baseball (both are played with a bat and a ball). The batters get to score by running around the field and by not being caught. There are specific rules for the batters about how to score rounders and avoid being caught by the fielders. There are also different variations of the rules in different regions like there are England specific rules, Danish rounders rules and GAA specific rules.

Rounders Rules- How to Play Rounders Game!

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