Rules of Basketball: Every Player Should Be Familiar

 Kevin Brown
  May 06, 2019

The basketball game is not only popular in the USA but also in other parts of the world. It is said that without stamina you can’t play Basketball. It is a game of strong men. Only players with strong physics can play this game. Your height also matters as you are supposed to throw a ball into the opponent’s team basket. The rules of basketball in the USA are slightly different from the rules in other parts of the country.

The main aim of this game is to throw a ball into the opposite team’s basket to get points. This game is played on a rectangular court. It is a game of passing a ball cleverly to one player to another player. This game requires accuracy while passing the ball to your team members. At the end of the game, a team which has the highest points has announced the winner.

Rules of Basketball

Take a Look at the Basic Rules of Basketball Rules

The list of basketball rules, each team consists of 12 players but only 5 players are allowed on the court at any time. This game is played on the rectangular court which is called the basketball court. It is 91 feet long and 50 feet wide in dimension. Both sides have hoops which are 10 feet in height. The game is played in two halves. There is a 15 minutes half time interval between 2nd and 3rd quarters. The rules of basketball are very simple for those who are interested in this game.

How to Win Basketball Game?

It is very simple to win this game. The team, who get more points than its rival team is declared the winner. If both teams scored the same numbers then an extra quarter is played until there is a clear winner.

The List of Basketball Rules

Rules of Basketball

As we have mentioned above, each team contains 12 players, 5 players can be permitted to play on the court. And 7 players are outside the court. Each team allows substitution as many times as they want during the game.

The players can either dribble or pass the ball. When a player gets control over the ball, the opposite player can’t dribble or go with the ball.

As per the rules of basketball, the players are supposed to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket to score and must stop them from coming near to your basket area.

At the beginning of the game, all the players from both teams gather in the center of the court and make the ball jump and get the direction.

Once a player from an opponent side scores a point, the opposition team must get the basketball inside from behind the baseline.

According to the rules of basketball, each team gets 24 seconds to throw the ball into a hoop. If the player failed to send the ball in the basket then the shot clock will be restarted for another 24 seconds.

A player will be held responsible for the violation if he has more than one step without bouncing. If a player dribbles more than one time after stopping. In goaltending, a player from the defense team interferes the ball traveling downwards towards the basket.

As per the rules of basketball, the team who attacks the ball to score is named the offense while the team, who defends and prevents an opponent’s team from scoring, is called the defense. The defense team is supposed to defend a hoop from their side and prevent the offense from throwing the ball into their basket.

The ball is handed over to the opposition team after each successful basket.

Once the ball is taken to mid-court line by an offense team, they cannot move back across the line. If they fail to do this, the ball is given to your opponent team to pass.

A player cannot keep a ball more than five seconds when there is a close clash. According to the clock –shot restriction a player must try a shot within a decided time.

The Basketball game is the game of accuracy. People of America are berserk after this game. Once you understand the rules of basketball, you will get the grip on this game.

Rules of Basketball: Every Player Should Be Familiar

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