Rules of Cricket: Learn How to Play cricket

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 15, 2019

When we think about our childhood memories we always remember about the games we played. Indoor games like chess, carom, Ludo, house and outdoor games like badminton, kho-kho, football, and cricket drag us to our childhood. Today we are going to talk about Rules of Cricket, the game that is the heart of a child to a teenager and adult.

Basic Regulations and Rules of Cricket

Rules of Cricket

Before getting into the depth of Rules of Cricket, let’s try to know a bit about the history of Cricket.

Cricket was established in the years from 1726 to 1763. During this period, Cricket defined itself as a leading sport in the south-eastern counties of England and London. Beginning in the late 16th century, the sport of cricket has a known history. Starting in the 18th century, in south-east England, it has developed globally in the 19th and 20th centuries and became the country's national sport.

By the middle of the 17th century, village cricket had developed the first English “county teams”. They were later formed as “local experts” from village cricket and were employed as the earliest professionals in the second half of the century. In 1709 the team started using country names and hence it became the first known game.

The Objective of Cricket:

Everything in the world has an objective. Likewise, games also have some objective for playing. The objective of cricket is defined below.

Each team in the game of Cricket should have the main objective of scoring more runs than their opponents. It is also necessary to dismiss all of the opposition batsmen in order to win the match in their final innings, otherwise, it would be drawn in some forms of cricket

Rules of Cricket:

Unlike other games, Cricket is also a game of many rules. Rules for the bowler, the batsman, and the fielders. Rules of Cricket are also known as Laws of Cricket. Code which specifies the rules of the game of cricket worldwide is known as the Laws of Cricket. Learning the rules of Cricket is well worth your time as it is a most rewarding sport and has many more rules than in other sports.

Cricket-Rules will not only help you learn the basics but also make you begin to enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world no matter whether you are looking to join a club or play in the backyard with your friends. A game between two teams of 11 players each, playing with a ball and a bat on a large field which is known as a ground is termed as the game of cricket. Scoring runs when batting and to put out, or dismiss, the opposing batsmen when in the field is the object of the game.

Rules of Cricket

Let’s Begin with the basic Rules of Cricket

  1. A player from both the teams are the ones who are designated as captains. Each team having eleven players play a match between themselves. (sometimes eight players are there in the junior cricket teams).
  2. Players are supposed to follow the decision of the umpire as the umpire is the final authority in play decisions. Those who balk at an umpire's decision or who fail to follow directions will be given dismissal or other discipline measures turned over to the team captain
  3. In order to constitute an over the bowler must bowl 6 legal deliveries. A score of 1 through to 6 or sometimes even zero batsmen can score either off each delivery
  4. By agreeing on the number of overs ahead of time the teams may opt to only play one inning. Alternatively, the two teams may limit the number of hours they will be on the field and agree to play two innings.
  5. While the ball is in play and the wicket is fairly put down by the fielding side the Cricket rules state that a batsman is out if no part of his body or his bat is grounded behind the popping crease
  6. The only person who is allowed to wear pads and gloves on the field is the designated wicketkeeper which the fielding team must have. In order to catch the ball, the wicket keeper stands behind the opposite end to the bowler

Apart from the Rules of Cricket given above, there are still many rules that have to be adhered to while playing the game of Cricket. Those were the basic Rules of Cricket which can help you well play the game.

Rules of Cricket: Learn How to Play cricket

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