Rules of Skip-Bo Card Game

 Kevin Brown
  Feb 18, 2019

Skip-Bo Card Game Objective

By placing all your cards down in the building piles you can win the game.

Skip Bo game

Skip-Bo Card Types

Skip-Bo is a simple game in which one needs to place the cards in a sequence. There are 162 cards in the box. There are only 2 types of cards available in the packet of cards which are Skip-Bo (wildcards) cards and numbered cards 1 to 12. The numbered cards are coloured in the following:

• Blue (from 1 to 4)

• Green (from 5 to 8)

• Red (from 9 to 12)

But colours do not make any difference what matters is the number of the card. For example, Mattel Card games, the wild card can allow you to substitute with any numbered of a card according to the need. Let’s look into how to play; rules of skip Bo rules

How to Play the Skip-Bo Game?

According to the Skip Bo rules, minimum 2 players and maximum 6 players can be in a team but not more than three partnerships can participate in the game. Mutually decide a player to be a dealer. A dealer will shuffle the cards and will deal out 10 to 30 cards per player whereas one can select less number of cards for a shorter game. The face of the card should be placed in such a way that it is not visible and they are to become Stock Pile for the respective player. Each player should try to get rid of the cards. Then the top card of each player’s Stock Pile should be faced up. (Topmost card should always be visible)

4 Building Piles are created exactly next to the Draw Pile and each player will also make 4 Discard Piles right in front of them. These piles are to be used during the game which will help you to place the cards according to the sequence. Each player has to maintain 5 cards in their hand for the next move in the game. Anyone can start the game according to the mutual decision.

Important Points:

Stock Pile

In general terms, the stockpile is of 10, 20 or 30 cards as it is subjective and can be decided according to the players as per their desire and way of playing. One should always keep the top card visible and if it fits, play it. Then after playing the first card, select the next card make it visible and if it fits, continue playing.

Discard Pile

As per the rule, each player can create 4 imaginary discard piles. All cards in the Discard Piles should be faced up all the time. At times player do not have suitable cards in discard piles in order to play onto discard pile then discard a single card from the discard pile. The advantage of using all 4 slots is so that you can quickly know whether your desired card is available or not.

Building Piles

Skip Bo Rules say that when this pile reaches the 12 number card, then it cannot be added more, should be kept aside the playing area. A draw pile can be placed once all the cards are completed from the main draw pile. There should be a maximum of 4 building piles at any time and if there is a 1 number card or Skip-Bo card to start the 5th building pile.

Winning Skip-Bo Game

Skip-Bo is one of the easiest and simplest games in order to play and win. Build Strategies as per the Skip Bo Rules! All you need to do is the first one to get rid of all the Stock Pile cards. A bit of wise advice is to play several games because if one finishes their stockpile first will receive 25 points and in addition to that 5 points for each card that is left at the end of the game.

Playing Skip-Bo with a Partner

This game can be played with a team or partnership between two players vs. two other players. In order to play with a partner, you need to follow a certain rule for use each other’s Stock Pile and Discard Pile card. During the game, a partner cannot discuss with the other partner of their plans. The team only wins when both the players get rid of their Stock Piles.

So these were the simple skip bo rules. Go and play, have fun with your friends.

Rules of Skip-Bo Card Game

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