Save Your Teeth and Avoid Extractions

 Shashi Das
  Oct 05, 2018

The above few lines by Miguel de Cervantez beautifully sum up the indispensable worth of teeth. If you think its “fine” to get those troubled teeth extracted rather than treated, think again!

More than often, the importance of teeth in the oral cavity is overlooked. This can happen due to lack of the knowledge, ignorance and at times due to the fear of visiting a dentist till the very last minute (unpleasant last experience maybe?). Post this extraction remains the only option. One must understand that like every other essential organ in your body, teeth to have their remarkable purpose. This includes esthetics, support to the facial musculature, mastication, speech and maintaining general body health. In fact each of these thirty-two jewels themselves has their own individual objectives.

Losing even one of them can adversely affect the entire human body. Today there is enough clinical evidence to support that the ill - health of teeth and gums can lead to adverse effects on the heart, brain and also lead to preterm labor. Diabetes especially is a satan of a disease that has the Periodontal disease (disease of the gums and bone) as its 6th complication, proof of which is well documented in scientific journals and beyond.

In order to save the teeth one must get a dental check-up periodically, maintain proper oral hygiene regime at home and come for regular prophylaxis sessions to the dentist. ADA (American dental association) advocates brushing twice and flossing once a day for the improved oral hygiene status.

Your local pharmacy gives you a plethora of options for toothpaste most of which are pretty similar. Of course, you may have a preference but any good brand fluoridated toothpaste should serve the purpose. In case there is dentinal hypersensitivity, desensitizing toothpaste are recommended. Toothpowders are not advised due to high abrasive content. The fact is more than the toothpaste it’s your brush and the brushing method that is more important. There are certain ways of brushing that are advised for better health of your teeth and you must go and check with your dentist about the same. Also, ideally you should spend 2-3 minutes on brushing your teeth. Brushing at night is also very important plus its give you that nice clean feel before you hit the sack (maybe have healthy dreams too!). You should change your toothbrush after you see splaying of the bristles which generally happens within 3-4 months. Dental floss is a thin nylon tape that helps clean the areas between your teeth where a normal brush cannot reach. They also stimulate your gums for better gum condition.

As for professional tooth cleaning, you must know that it’s a myth that getting your teeth clean once a while makes them weak! In fact not getting it done harms your teeth and gums negatively. The instruments used for teeth cleaning or scaling have been tried and tested before with a lot of research data supporting the overall relevance of professional teeth cleaning.

At times you end up facing dental problems. There are cavities that develop, gums that bleed, teeth that shake, spaces start to develop and the not so wise wisdom tooth end up hurting. This mostly happens if proper care is not taken. Even at this stage, hope still prevails.

We as dentists try to save as many teeth that as possible. For this, you must trust your dentist and help him help you. Sadly there are a few that can’t be saved and extraction remains the only resort. In such cases, you should get your teeth replaced as soon as possible with the contemporary avant-garde replacement options available today.

Do remember, each tooth in your mouth is vital. Don't wait for a problem to happen, guard your teeth while you can. For us dentists not able to save a tooth is like a battle lost. We will fight the battle for you but you must lead us to the battleground!

Save Your Teeth and Avoid Extractions

Shashi Das

Shashi Das has been associated with a renowned dental clinic since many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people who want to know more about their oral health.

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