Scavenger Hunt: It is Easy If You Do It Smart

 Kevin Brown
  May 23, 2019

People keep on creating new games in order to have entertainment. Today, we would like to highlight on Scavenger Hunt game. It is called a party game as it is played amongst the people who are present at the party.

Scavenger Hunt

In this game, the organizers of the party make a list of specific items that are supposed to be completed or found within the time. The team who completes the list first becomes a winner. It is fun playing this game. We would like to share ultimate ideas before you jump into this game.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

If you are in quest for good Scavenger Hunt ideas, you are at the right place. We are going to introduce to you some unique Scavenger hunt ideas that are helpful in seeking items. Let’s discuss the Scavenger hunt ideas for all ages. Look at below.

The sport Scavenger Hunt:

It is fun searching for sports types of equipment. Those who are fond of playing sports can easily hang on this sport hunt. There are various types of sports tools on the list. You can make it challenging too. People are divided into two teams with sports list. The team who finishes the first will be a winner.

The treasurer Scavenger Hunt:

It is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks. The treasure hunt involves a heap of clues and puzzles that are supposed to be solved before it is time. The items on the list are placed at different potential locations very discreetly to keep far from the treasurer hunter eyes. The first clue card is given to the guest. Each card leads to the next clue.

The Classic Scavenger Hunt:

This classic hunt includes a list of clues for hunters. The hunters are supposed to search for clues mentioned in the list. The list of classic scavenger hunt look simple but it is not. The hunters have to find out all the items on the list. It is very challenging somehow. Why is this challenging task? Because the items are hidden so carefully that it is not easy to find out quickly. To find out all the items on the list, you have to go through the tricks of an opposite team. And the team who completes this task first is declared the winner of this game.

Destination Scavenger Hunt:

The destination scavenger hunt seems to be similar to a treasure hunt as each clue will take you to next clue. This will continue until you achieve something special at the end of the task. You can be tricky with the wording and images to stop them to reach the destination. Your opposite player will face challenges by your tricks.

The picture Scavenger Hunt:


As we have mentioned above that it is a party game, so the party would be incomplete without a photo session. There is a lot of fun playing this game. People of all age group can participate in this game. In the picture Scavenger Hunt, guests are supposed to take a photo of all the items and places on the list. To be a winner, the participant must complete a list of picture-based task on time. You need to take a pose at certain locations. There is no need to give a pose with types of equipment in your hand. We suggest this idea to try once. It is funny and cost-effective as well.

Take a Glance at Scavenger Hunt list

We can say, there are types of Scavenger hunt lists. Always create a hunt list according to the needs of the guests or participants. Here we are going to share some items which are needed for the Scavenger hunt list.

Basic Scavenger Hunt List:









Phone charger

Water bottle

Toilet paper



Plastic bag

Photo frame

Plastic spoon

Birthday candle

Paper clip

Artificial flower

Christmas plate

These are the items you can use while making a Scavenger Hunt list. It has become a very popular party game recently. It is an amazing game. Try at home. Even you are allowed to set up your own rule to make this game interesting.

Scavenger Hunt: It is Easy If You Do It Smart

Kevin Brown

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