Screws for Wood and Oriented Strand Boards - What Should You Use?

 Albert Cooper
  Apr 13, 2019


Are you wondering which type of screws can be used for wood and for oriented strand board? What attention should be paid when selecting a proper fixing system? Here we suggest the type of screws to choose when a structure is raised by using wood or OSB.

Where can you buy screws for wood and OSBs?

It is not hard to notice that wood and OSBs are commonly used today. Brick-wall technology is now not as popular as it used to be. And even if the house is built of bricks; the roofing is usually done with a wooden structure. Facades and floors are made of wood in many homes, although OSB applications are often observed.

If the structure is of sufficient strength, as well as the assembly of wooden elements on it, proper joint systems have to be applied. This is the reason why high-quality screws should be selected to guarantee excellent joining performance. Such accessories are offered by many manufacturers, and they are available at company stores, building markets, etc. Nevertheless, remember that relying on the first product you see makes no sense at all. It is also important to know which wood the structure is to be built of, and how well this wood can be joined. Screws for wood and OSBs are offered by the Rawlplug brand. It is a good idea to get familiar with the range as it is widely acknowledged in the market, and has been providing various types of fasteners for years. This ensures that we select the best ones, the product which has been developed from the conceptual designs of our engineers who, utilizing their knowledge and experience and performing tests of the technical parameters of designed products, have developed screws of optimal settings, intended for joints in wood.


What screws are for wood?

There are various types of wood screws available in the market based on their head type, length, gauge, drive, and material.

  • Wood screws can be a flat head (uses are in carpentry), rounded (for joining two halves) or pointed head (applications are in fixing).
  • Screw length can vary from 10mm to 280mm. One needs to determine the length keeping how many parts are to be joined in mind.
  • The metallic screws are more resistant than other materials, so it should be kept in mind that fasteners with anti-corrosive protection are the optimal solution. In a dry environment, electrolytically zinc coated screws may be used. However, it is advisable to use hot-dip galvanized screws or only those made of stainless steel.

Screws - including those intended for wood - may have tapered or wafer heads. The former is universal and allow for flush facing with the base surface. In turn, a solid head is very well suited in the mounting of thin and small elements.

While choosing screws for wood, it is advisable to select a model with milling ribs under the head. Because using these screws enable easier and smoother countersinking into the material. What is more? Clamping ribs allow for the precise and chip less mounting of boards, even at their edges.

Making your work more accessible, it is good to choose screws with a cutter on their thread. It is ideal if the cutter is coated with a layer of slipping wax, as it considerably reduces the force which is needed to screw the fastener in. Such cutters perfectly cut wood fibers in the course of screwing.

What screws should be used for oriented strand boards?

It should first be mentioned that it is definitely more secure to mount OSB panels with screws and not with nails. What screws should be used for their mounting? Attention should definitely be paid to the type of screw heads. Although their range is relatively broad, if the mounted OSBs are to be permanently fitted, it is best to choose screws with flat tapered heads. Just because they perfectly face flush with the surface.

Also, a proper thread is crucial for screws intended to fix OSB panels. Decent thread selection allows us to avoid many problems. A full thread is well suited to enhance the transverse pressure. Such fasteners are easily screwed in, as they do not require spot drilling.

Screws with an incomplete thread cause the lower material to be pushed to the upper element, i.e., to the mounted OSB panels. Therefore, the base remains robust and stable. Screws with a metric thread should not be chosen. It is evident that when wood or OSB panels are fixed, it is good to properly select the length of screws concerning the type of connected materials. Otherwise, the fastened material surface may crack.

A tip: while buying, don’t go for low price, you will get poor quality screws in return. Do not compromise on the construction for a better life.

Screws for Wood and Oriented Strand Boards - What Should You Use?

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