Secret Hitler Rules: Play Better than Anyone Else

 Kevin Brown
  Jul 19, 2019

It is very significant to understand the secret Hitler rules before you start playing this game. Secret Hitler is a social deduction game which was set up in Germany 1930s. This game was created by Max Temkin, Mike Boxleiter, and Tommy Maranges. The idea of this game was taken from the artwork of Mackenzie Schubert.

Secret Hitler was first unveiled in 2016. In this game, players who are playing German politicians trying to hold a tired liberal government and fight against the rising tide of fascism.

Secret Hitler Strategy

Before the secret Hitler rules, we are going to talk about secret Hitler strategy. We will share some tips to win this game cleverly.

Everybody should be part of liberal as they have more votes and can topple anyone who claims themselves to be fascists. Discuss every decision calmly. Discuss the fascist law and its outcomes. How it affects the president power? They should ask the future president about their powers. Mostly the liberals slow the game and always think about votes. Generally, fascists are in search of mistakes done by the rival group.

It is said that the liberals find it hard to win due to some reasons. Although the liberals have the voting majority they seem to be unable to win. They have no mutual trust between one another. First of all, they need to build trust and use their voting power to keep fascist away from the fascists and don’t let them use the special powers of the president.

Always pay heed to the position of the players around the table and who is after the president. Never let you fall in the situation where you are bound to vote for fascists. Be careful that the power should not go into the wrong hands. You also need to learn the secret Hitler rules to be good at strategies.

Nonverbal communication and perfect gameplay can protect Hitler. In most case, Hitler plays as a determined player. In this way, the group is responsible for installing Hitler as chancellor further. Fascists try to look into Hitler and appoint Hitler as a liberal. This act will make a liberal president unable to name Hitler as a fascist.

The third stage is very difficult for liberals. Once the fascist’s third policy is enacted the fascists are a threat to the liberals. The fascists can win the game by electing Hitler as a chancellor. This is going to be a tough task for the liberal team to outclass the fascists.

If the fascists come into the power then the killing power will increase. They remove liberal players in a disguised way. The fascist can definitely get the victory by gaining the majority of votes. They install Hitler as chancellor.

How to Play Secret Hitler?


At the outset, each player is assigned three roles such as liberal, fascist, and Hitler. Both liberals and fascists try to win the game. If liberal succeed in enacting five liberal policies or assassinate Hitler they can win the game and the same way if the fascists enact their five polices and elect Hitler as chancellor.

Secret Hitler Rules:

5 to 10 players are allowed to play this game. 6 liberal policy tiles and 11 fascists are placed face down on the draw pile card.

According to the secret Hitler rules, there are options for players. They can rebalance the policy deck for 6/7/9 players. In case if you activate rebalancing, the game will start with 6 players and fascist policy. If there are 7 players the game will start with 10 fascists policies instead of 11. If there are 9 players the game will begin with 9 fascists policies.

There are many rounds in this game. Each game will be played in rounds. As per the secret Hitler rules, Election is held in each round. Each round both the liberal and fascists are trying to form a government in their favors. Both parties pass new policies in the legislative session.

The secret Hitler rules suggest that, at the end of the game, the party who succeeds to form the government and enact its five policies is the winner. If the liberals assassinate Hitler and enact five policies will win the game. if the fascists enact its five policies and elect Hitler as a chancellor will win the game.

Wrapping up…

The secret Hitler game is full of a political conspiracy. Both the liberals and the fascists play tricks to topple each other. If you learn the secret Hitler rules deeply, you will enjoy this game a lot.

Secret Hitler Rules: Play Better than Anyone Else

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