SEO Onpage- Offpage Techniques 2016

 Rajshree Deshpande
  Feb 09, 2016
We all are aware of Search Engine Optimisation and bring our strategies to build our business reputation online. With updated Google algorithms and up to date knowledge and then the person can actually take part in SEO race. There are many SEO Companies in Melbourne offering best services to get your website on Google Ranking.

After reading this article you will surely understand why SEO is so important and what sort factors that play a significant role that matters a lot of your site ranking, online reputation and generating leads.

So what does the SEO consist of? How do SEO Services mostly work out to rank your website and business? It’s mainly divided into 2 parts- Onpage Optimisation and Off- Page optimisation. Let’s have a look what are these 2 parts:

On-Page Optimisation

This is certainly a proven method where in we follow a process to rank on top in search engines. We focus to optimise our content in smart way that the Search engines can easily pick up our focus keywords and get more traffic to our website. Check out below points:

Keywords: In SEO On-page optimising, relevant or focus Keyword play most significant role. By adding those to the WebPages, it is easy to crawl.

Keywords Density: This needs to be focused when placing the keywords in content. Just keep in mind that no keywords should be stuffed or under used. Keyword density ratio is approx. 2% to 3% not more than that.

Page Titles: These are more important for webpage to crawl in Google or any other search engines. They should have unique keyword included in your title. Include the focus keyword in your blog and get a better chance to show up in the search engine results.

Meta Descriptions: This a small content box, wherein you have to write a crisp 2 lines about what exactly your webpage is about. Including keyword is must activity. These Meta Descriptions are used at time of search results when your webpage is listed.

Meta Tags: Meta tags that are used by SEO Companies are unique titles consisting set of keywords.

User friendly URL: Your URL needs to be search engine friendly so that it brings better crawling results for your website. Again adding relevant keywords and short URLs perform better in crawling.

Body Tags: It’s recommended to break your in small para so that it becomes easier for every visitor to read easily. So adding heading tags will definitely help crawlers to differentiate the most important content from rest. Of course keywords need to be included. Including h2, h3 and h4 etc should be used to highlight various headings, sub-headings and important points in content.

Internal and external linking: Special attendance needs to be given at time of inserting internal and external links in the content.

Including Images: Images also play a vital role in SEO search engine results. They help to drive traffic from image searches to website. Again, again and again..Adding keywords to images is also needed to get the best results.

Additional points: Additionally you need to also have an idea of word count that required for the content. The content needs to be engaging, updated on timely basis and to the point to attract more traffic to the website.

So, this was On-Page activity in detail. Google not only consider On-page optimisation but also looks for Off-page activities. The Off-page activities are also important in website ranking. Let’s see the off-page factors:

Social Media Engagement: Use social media platforms that we get most of the online traffic to website. Social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterset, Instagram, GooglePlus.

Social Booking Marking: Promote your website through social booking sites. When you bookmark your blog or your website, you gain considerable traffic to website or blog. Booking sites are,,,,,

Forum submission: This is good platform for Off-page optimisation. Participation in forums which are related to your business and make connections to the relevant person. You can get the list of top Forum list on Google.

Submission: Get you blog submission, PR Submission, Article submission done that drives traffic to your website and get relevant search results. This will gives us the quality backlinks and ultimately increase the ranking results.

Video Submission and image submission: This is also off-page activity, sharing images and videos gives to quality backlinks from high submission sites.

Content sharing in form of Infographic and Document sharing will also give you the expected the search results.

Developing a proper strategy or plan for the website ranking is most important part. Proper On-Page and Off-Page optimisation work will give a better SERP for your business online. I hope that I have given proper details on how SEO works for your business and website and SEO Company in Melbourne builds the strategies for you business online development.
SEO Onpage- Offpage Techniques 2016

Rajshree Deshpande

I am aspiring content writer from 3 to 4 years. Having handled so many fields I have developed my own writing styles from Press Release to blogs, to generate info graphic to website content, which is easier for my readers to understand my content effortlessly. My passion towards writing is developed from my writing hobby and reading habit. I love to understand the topic and then write according to the requirement, which I feel is the best part that I have developed.

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