Should You monitor Your Kids Social media In 2018?

 Indy Roy
  May 15, 2018

Monitoring your kids' social media activities has become a serious issue for many parents in 2018. Some people think that spying about the activities of their children at a young age is necessary but, many other folks have a different opinion. They think that parents should give their children adequate privacy.

If we sit for a while to think about the relation of internet and our children, we will come to know that internet is full of learning opportunities but at the same time it also includes inappropriate contents which most of the parents just do not want their children to have a look even a single time.

It is the responsibility of parents to protect their loved ones from the inappropriate stuff. There are certain methods which can be very useful to monitor your children and will help you to keep them away from inappropriate stuff.

So, In this post, we'll discuss some points to conclude which one of the option is good for parents.

Respect to Privacy

Few years ago, several parents were reluctant to provide iPhones/Ipads to their children should at a young age. But in the present era, computer/mobile phones have become the part of studies. In a major shift, schools are also asking their students to do their homework online.

It is fact that nothing on the computer networks are safe or hack proof. We are living in a society of low-trust where we use technology to keep an eye on the employees.

Every activity on the computer networks or internet is stored somewhere, and your activity can get you in trouble any time. So it is parent’s responsibility to keep their children aware of this threat.

Mutual Consensus

We should ask about the activities of children directly from them. It will help us to show them that we have a trust in them and they will try not to break that trust. So, if they get in trouble, they will let us know that and we can help them sort that problem with their mutual consent. It will also help us to make the relation more strong and trustworthy.

Whether parents should use some parental software for monitoring, should be completely based on mutual consensus. As a Parent, I can vouch for ikey monitor as an excellent parental control software which provides you real-time monitoring of child's social media activities. This Keylogger for iphone will guarantee your mental peace and satisfaction without hurting your monthly budget.

Make Sure That Kid Is Not In Danger

Parents must be aware of the activities of their children. They must know about the social circle and activities of their children. If they see any kind of change in their behaviour, they must ask them directly about the problem which is causing that change. If a there kid is in any kind of danger parents must figure that out and help their children to get out of that danger.

Making Your Kids Aware Of Dangers on Internet

Parents must build closeness with their children and make them aware of the dangers on the internet. We should teach our children about the perils and dangers of social media at an early age.

Children must know that nothing on the internet is private. Every video they watch on YouTube, every e-mail they send or receive, every Facebook post they send, and every website they search for is permanently stored somewhere and can get them in trouble.


It is our responsibility to prepare them for future troubles. It is not good to keep them away from the internet. We should guide them about the appropriate use of internet and tell them about the negative aspects of the internet. Moreover, we should trust them and give them privacy, it will help them to build a sense of maturity and awareness, and they will come to know the difference between good and bad with the passage of time.

Should You monitor Your Kids Social media In 2018?

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