Shuffleboard Rules and Scoring for Beginners

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 06, 2019


Shuffleboard game came into existence around 500 to 600 years ago in the country named as Europe. The main element in this game is paddle which is useful to shove pucks towards a targeted area. This game has certain similarities of many sports such as notably bowls, curling, and air hockey. Following content is all about shuffleboard rules and how to play shuffleboard game.

Main Motive of the Game:

In order to win points or score more than competitor all you need to is use the paddle to move weighted pucks into the scoring zone. Well, it might sound difficult but read the following article and get familiar with the game.

Shuffleboard Rules


Shuffleboard game can be played with two player or four players. A game where there are two players or one against one then it is known as singles. Whereas, a game in which there are four players or two against two then it is known as doubles.


  • Deck court
  • Weights
  • Shuffleboard sticks
  • Shuffleboard tables
  • Scoring unit
  • Shuffleboard powder

This game can be played on an outdoor court which should be of 52 feet long and 10 feet wide. At the court there should be triangles on either and after that there is a six feet area for the players to stand while playing the game. Whereas the triangle which is situated at the court can be further classified into the point zone with 10 at the tip of the triangle and also near to the players, after that eight, then seven, after this the last section is centrally divided creating a left and right area. At the last there is a penalty zone which is known as “10 off”.

The players need to move the pucks or biscuits through a tang which looks alike stick. The tang is generally 6 feet and 3 inch. Yellow pucks are to be used by the player who gets the first turn and black pucks for the second player. However, the pucks are not more than 1 inch thicker.

Shuffleboard weights are also known as blocks, discs, and pucks. There should be compulsory 8 pieces for the outdoor or table shuffleboard game. From the eight pieces, four are of yellow color and the rest four are of black color. Each player is allotted specific color pieces to play shuffleboard game.

Shuffleboard sticks are also known as poles and cues. In order to push the weights at the shuffleboard court, shuffleboard sticks are useful. There are two short pongs at the end of the shuffleboard stick.

Shuffleboard Rules

  • Who will have the first turn can be decided by a coin toss and then after that the player who scored highest in the last game will receive the first turn in the next game.
  • Players should have alternate chances during the game and can shoot one puck at a time.
  • The hook shots are not allowed in this game and the players are requested to give a perfect shoot once.
  • If a player plays the disc of other players then the penalty will be charged and 10 points will be deducted.
  • A player should wait until the biscuit gets to stop and stationery before playing its shot.
  • The turns can also be decided according to the previous game finished.

Shuffleboard Keys to Score:

  • Players have the alternate turns to shoot the biscuit with the aim of getting more score than the competitor into the scoring zone.
  • Scores can be known or counted after the match i.e. after the eight biscuits are played and are wholly inside the scoring zone then only the game can be registered for the score.
  • If the player shoots out of the court then directly 10 points will be lose. So set an aim before your turn.
  • In case the player’s biscuit is shot and is placed on the 10 OFF line then the player will receive a five-point penalty.

Shuffleboard Rules and Scoring for Beginners

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