Skilling India for a better India

 Swapnesh Gupta
  Feb 03, 2019

The Indian Service sector was the first to unfurl the dawn of a new era. With the advent of the IT sector, there was a great boom in the Indian job market. Skilled professionals ended up making big sums while their peers in other sectors toiled without a chance of competition. The industry continues to thrive through the dot com bust and the global financial crisis. But in the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown, the effects are hugely being felt not just in the Indian IT sector but in the Indian private sector as well. The announcement of quarterly reports by Indian IT bigwigs Infosys and TCS has put a great concern among the Indian youths. The paucity of jobs in the Indian IT sector has led to fears of unemployed youths rising in India.

Skill India

The vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to be therefore, lauded. Having seen the potential of Indian startups, he is firm in his belief of making India a manufacturing hub. The ‘Make in India’ campaign has been initiated to usher in a new era of Industrial Revolution in India. Having traveled far and wide and with tax breaks and other sops in tow, Mr. Modi has seen the investments transforming from trickle to a steady stream. This investment, though, could be in a danger of going under-utilized or not being utilized at all. Thus, the Skill India program launched by Mr. Modi forms the crux of the future of not just India but Indians too.

The Skill India program seeks to take full advantage of the investments being made or is in the pipeline. With an eye to train 20 lakh youths, the program presents a unique opportunity for the Indian youth. With a view to provide the youth all the benefits of Skill India program, Skill India consultants have been working tirelessly day and night not just to bring the latest Skill India news updates, but to help the interested youths shape their future by using all the benefits of it. The team at Skill India Consultants understands the needs and aspirations of all concerned youth. The skilling of Youth at such a large scale is bound to cause concern about the quality, the mechanism and the end result. But we are equally prepared for it.

With a vast network, we ensure that all the latest news and updates related to Skill India program are just a touch or a click away. A vast network of resources committed not just in the but a significant portion of it earmarked for training and consultancy purposes sees the seekers of a better future having help nearby. The training courses on offer are of world-class quality with nary a compromise on the front of latest updates. With a plethora of courses offered to cater to the unique interests of the individuals, we strive to offer a choice to each and every person who wishes to change his/her future with the Skill India program. All the courses designed by the Skill India consultants team has been done so by keeping in mind the standards and requirements of the industries in the times of today.

The training program curated keeping in mind the worldwide industry standards. However, the courses run a risk being touted bore or being disbanded if not supplemented with a training infrastructure of equal measure. Thus, it’s here that the infrastructure provided by the Skill India consultant’s team has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the courses designed get the desired result of skilling the Indian youth with the skills of world-class standards by enabling them to take advantage of the training facilities. In addition to the facilities, the training centers have been designed with the hassles of the Indian youth at heart with the changing of the times, there has to be a change in approach the way the training has to be delivered and so is the case with our training facilities. Accessing your content, suited to your skills, developed keeping in mind your strengths, delivered to you according to the mode our prefer the most. With the ease of accessing your courses from your city and in a manner that is best way to extract your talent and turn it into your potential, the combination of all the factors makes you get in an enviable position to take maximum advantage.

While the ones who were present at the right time took advantage of the booming Indian IT sector, but with Skill India consultants, you can be sure that the ones who are present don’t miss out.

Skilling India for a better India

Swapnesh Gupta

Hi..... I am the author of this article and I have knowledge about Skill india, Startup India campaign by India Govt. And i love to share my ideas point of views for help every people. Here i am sharing information about Skill India Consultants, they will help to improve your ability, provide you training and prepare you for job and alos providing help to find job. Visit for details.

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