Smart Hacks to Travel to Dhaka within your Budget

 Olivia Davis
  Mar 22, 2018

Cheap Flights to Dhaka

Bangladesh is no more than a tiny country that would be hardly noticed on the global map! Today, this region is booming in massive opportunities for trade, commerce, entertainment, media activities, shopping and traveling. One of the popular cities here in Dhaka, which is the country’s capital city is also a popular tourist attraction. Located right beside the Buriganga River, this city draws in tourists from all over the world on an ongoing basis. The city dates back to 17th century and was the Mughal capital of West Bengal. Here there are several palaces and mosques that history buffs can explore. Today, Dhaka is one of the fast developing metropolises that many travelers wish to explore within their budget.

If you too are planning to travel to this city within your budget you can have it planned in a streamlined manner, add to your savings and also enjoy the tours. Here are some smart hacks to go about it.

Get airfare that has reduced or discounted price:

This is the first step towards planning a budget tour. So all you have to do here is make the most of the cheap flights to Dhaka that you will have access to online. Today, there are several online travel agencies that showcase discounted airfare or flight deals that are already reduced in a price range. And when you decide to join hands with a reputed agency, then you can get all the clarity about the discounted flight deals. The companies that sell bulk airlines tickets too are also good to go. With this, you can add to your savings in a huge way.

Opt-in for budget accommodations:

The other way you can save on your budget is by opting in to stay in budget accommodation. For instance, other than swank and expensive hotels and resorts, you can choose to stay in hostel accommodation, as a paying guest, take up rented accommodations and also check in at the low priced standard hotels in Dhaka. Few names best to offer you a budget stay include names like Travelers Inn, Hotel Plaza Inn, Embassy in Hotel, White Rose Hotel International Ltd and many more. All these hotels welcome you with a decent stay. However, it is always better to have a prior booking done. Since these hotels offer attractive budget price deals, chances are that it will be occupied all year.

Check out the eateries and cafe than expensive restaurants:

Food is essential when you are traveling! Exploring Dhaka street food is sure going to be exciting. However, whilst traveling it is essential to have a wholesome plate so that you have the energy to carry on with your exploration bit. Then walking into a very expensive hotel or a restaurant, it is always better to check out Dhaka cafeterias. Here you will get an array of platters from sandwiches, wraps, rolls and coffee, tea, and other drinks. Some of the popular names include Tabaq Coffee, East-West University Cafeteria, Melange Coffee N Conversation, Barcode Cafe, Bistro-E, Cafe Cherry Drops and many more.

Other miscellaneous tips:

When in Dhaka you can shop from places like Dhaka New Market where you can have access to the local buys at an attractive price deal. From dresses to accessories you can have access to a wide range of local buys that you can get as gifts and souvenirs. Also when you are exploring by your own, you have the chance to opt-in for the local commute like bus and taxi that you can avail rather than hiring a car. Alternatively, you can also enroll for the walking sightseeing tours that take place in Dhaka. This would cost you within your budget and help you explore the city better.

As you maintain these few smart hacks you will be able to make your tour to Dhaka within your budget. So you could be from anywhere, say the USA. Start by obtaining your cheap flights from USA to Dhaka and say yes to a budget tour.

Smart Hacks to Travel to Dhaka within your Budget

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