Social Media Marketing Strategy: Does It Really Work For B2B?

 Eddie Colin
  Oct 30, 2017

In the modern-day era of B2B commerce, B2B (business to business) marketing via social media is receiving much popularityacross the world. Now, more and more B2B marketers are recognizing social media platforms as an imperative approach to build strong and close relationships with new business accounts.

We are talking about Twitter and LinkedIn as most popular social media marketing channels for B2B marketers. So, marketing by using these platforms requires a certain smartness and forethoughtfulness. However, these are many B2B marketers who found simply being present on social media is not enough and hard as the same time. If you are a marketer and wish to boost by raising awareness among people about your brand on social media, you need to comprehensively work out for content strategy in advance.


The following keys are for B2B social media marketers and they should keep in mind these key when they plot their B2B marketing via social media:

Raising Awareness of Brand

It is seen that B2B social media marketing campaigns usually concentrate on point scoring by making as much as interactions as possible through users clicking on ads. In spite of everything, it is very simple to set targeted aims and goals on the basis of how many users click through to the website.

Most of the time it is the best approach, but an approach based on many interaction may not work well. The major limitation is that it is reliant too much on your ad budget. Keep in mind that each click costs money and in this situation, if you blow through your ad budget, your ads will stop running, and visibility of the company will ultimately evaporate. You need to keep watch on the brand logo, but making first contact should be first step because this approach can bring value down the road. Impressions are neglectedkey performance indicators (KPI) but it is necesary for B2B marketers to learn to adopt, at least from time to time.

To make it possible, first step will be identifying your potential accounts, the topics and content. LinkedIn and Twitter give you some smart options to how you will targetyour ads.

Twitter gives you option of promoting and you can promote your tweets or general account. You will be able to choose to target these sponsored tweets on the basis of keywords or of interests and companies. If you targetinterests and companies you’ll be provided with a more limited group and you just need to spend time on research. You can also select to target ads in search or in the timeline while targeting keywords. Than in the keyword search, the keyword ad impressions work well. We do not usually follow the keyword search function on Twitter, so perfect approach would be the timeline, but keyword search function can also be used. Before starting, it is essential to split test every marketing campaign in order to observe the best one for the company by comparing the results.

If you want to get more impressions, you need to go broadly while still remaining pertinent with choices of keyword or interest. To see related keywordsquickly, (free service)can be used. After getting the base words, addition of all variations can be made.

If you use LinkedIn, you will want to target a variety of job titles while running ad campaigns. This social media platform presents some titles that you should certainlyadd to the list. It is the best approach to make mistake on the safe place while targeting more industries as opposed to you might firstly plan to. If you know which businesses might find value in the services, you will be able to maximize the amount of impressions got by the brand.

Showing Expertise

Besides communicating with friends online, people use social media platforms also to get information, read the news, follow the markets, and stay in touch with the up-to-date developments in their arenas of expertise. It suggests that your brand can be positioned in such a way that it gives information, which booststhe company’s visibility among prospectivecustomers.

To make it possible, you need to benefits from social media platforms by energetically contributing to pertinent Twitter chats as well as and group discussions on LinkedIn.

Twitter chats have the potential to raise awareness quickly. Thus, you need to findwhich one will be most pertinent to your brand. Inpresence of a guest presenter on Twitter chat, you will have to research his/her articlesat an earlier stagebecause you will have some stimulatingqueries and comments to contribute. It is also necesary to engagewith other participants. Using tchat as the browser tool will be best as it will assist you in staying even with high-volume chat.

BuildingContact for Sales

Obviously, generating sales is the ultimate goal of your B2B marketing programme, so you need to devise a comprehensive strategy for making direct contact. Besides raising the brand’s visibility, B2B social media marketing approach is also a best approach to build strong, close and genuine relationships with prospective buyers.

To make contacts via Twitters, you need to engage in the conversations. You also need to stay with the timeline while making top-notch contributions regularly. For this, you will have to commenton shared content, re-tweeting pertinent tweets, hashtagging keywords relevant to the business and brand, etc.

Besides Twitter, LinkedIn is also a perfect social media platform for B2B marketers to make direct contact with a prospective account. For this, you simply need to visit the potential customers’ profiles with the aim of raising some awareness of the brand and company before making first contact with the client.

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Does It Really Work For B2B?

Eddie Colin

Eddie Colin obtained his graduate degree in Business Administration. His field of interest is Human Resource, Essay Help and he is currently working as a junior recruiter in an asset management firm.

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