Stylize your Look with Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

 Charlie Brown
  Jul 09, 2015
Nowadays, men’s fashion industry is undergoing transformation rapidly. This change can be experienced when the wedding season commences. In order to compliment the look and for creating the best style statements, jewelry outlets are competing with each other by housing various brands of jewelries for men. Some jewelry shop also run special promotional offers for aiming increased sales.

The Latest Trend Happening in Men’s Jewelry Industry
Nowadays, the demand for black tungsten bands for wedding purpose is rising as these jewelries pose new and hipper looks, which you have never experienced in your lifetime. The recent survey report states that black tungsten wedding bands are the newest and hottest trends that are taking place in the wedding market.

Lot of Choices to Make
The wedding jewelry market has evolved in a long way from the ancient times of wearing a simple piece of thread or string on your finger. Nowadays, you can make lot of choices for wedding bands by considering the type of metal used. In addition, you can extend for search by considering the type of embellishment added or the kinds of gemstones used for decorating the jewelry.

With the latest designs, the black tungsten wedding band is a new addition in the fashion industry for men. For drawing more information, you can go through the 2015 guide on tungsten wedding bands.

You have seen that men have now more choices to make, when the time comes for selecting a wedding jewelry especially the rings made of black tungsten. You are definitely curious to know, how these rings are made.

Process of Manufacturing Black Tungsten Wedding Bands
These wedding bands are made of tungsten, which undergoes color treatment or processing during the manufacturing stage. Tungsten as a metal does not possess hard property. However, it can be made hard with the addition of carbon, which results in formation of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is treated as the toughest metal, which is used for manufacturing jewelry. In reality, tungsten carbide is 4 to 5 times harder than titanium. In terms of durability, this alloy is approximately 10 times superior to 18 Carat gold. This is the reason; many jewelry designers prefer to use black tungsten in manufacturing wedding bands.

Have Knowledge of Binding Process
Before you purchase a wedding ring made of black tungsten, you should have thorough knowledge of binding process. This will help you to land up with the right choice. Some wedding rings made of black tungsten are blended with cobalt. This results in oxidation, when the jewelry comes in contact with skin oils. In some cases, this kind of reaction causes formation of color spots, which cannot be removed with cleaning or polishing.

The Best Choice
Black tungsten wedding bands that are blended with nickel are the best selections as they do not undergo oxidation in adverse conditions and also they possess hypoallergenic property. Therefore, in order to make safe purchase decision, you need to verify the binding process from the jeweler.

Black tungsten wedding bands are typically designed for men, as they love to compliment their looks with jewelries that are made of robust materials. Nowadays, it is not a tough job to purchase such jewelry as custom design services are offered by many jewelers. While selecting a design, you can choose a suitable gemstone for attaining the best styling statement. Make your marriage successful by placing the order today.
Stylize your Look with Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

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