Surfline Ghana Bundles & Prices

 Mian Azhar
  Jul 11, 2018

Ghana has two 4G LTE service providers that offer nothing but quality internet bundles and give you the best value for your money. However, Surfline has proven to be greater with the amass customers and the affordable deals that they give at every Surfline Ghana bundles package they unravel out for their people.

The deals are really good and accommodating and that is why we are going to look at the prices and the best way to access the Surfline Ghana data bundles.

Surfline Ghana Internet Bundles

I know you must be wondering how much it would cost you to use the Surfline bundles and how long it maybe it would drive you or satisfy your online wants? The Surfline bundles come in different packages; Surplus bundles, Surfline unlimited bundles and the video bundles. We shall look at the bundle price since they are the most common.

The Video Bundle

What’s interesting is that this is made for people with the goal to make the most out of their internet connection to stream videos online on SuperSport, DStv, Box Office, even Netflix. This all comes at the price of GHS 99 for 25GB.

Surfline Ghana Bundles Prices

If you ever want to suit your internet needs, you can always try out these packages. From as low as GHC 20, you can get a good 1.5GB for your online needs. Here are some other same packages.

Bundles Validity (Days) Price (GHS)

1.5GB 15 20

5GB 30 35

12GB 30 75

25GB 30 140

50GB 60 250

100GB 90 399

Don’t you just love this? To top this all up, the Surfline released the easiest configuration shortcodes used to buy the bundles by, on phone. To purchase an online Surfline data bundle

  1. Dial the shortcode *718*77# to gain access of the USSD shortcode menu.
  2. Select the buy bundles option (3)
  3. Enter your Surfline number
  4. Next up you have to choose your bundle category
  5. Choose your preferred bundle amount.
  6. Wait for the message from your service provider and to confirm the purchase of your bundle.

This is applicable to all the network providing services including MTN, Airtel, Tigo, and Vodafone. Sadly is that Glo and Expresso are not yet functional.

In the next category of Unlimited bundles, things are not any different. The deals are slicingly good though they have Terms and Conditions that are tied to their Unlimited offers. The packages are here:

Unlimited Internet Package Validity (Days) Price (GHS)

Unlimited 30 299

Unlimited Night 30 99

Good again isn’t it? These Surfline Ghana unlimited bundles give the best 4G internet experience and are also pretty good when it comes to living streaming and downloading of videos. These can also be accessed in the same way as the data bundles only that the second option you choose the Unlimited option and choose the package that suits your needs the most.

If that is rather hard, then for both the data bundles and the Unlimited package can be got by visiting your nearest Surfline shop. Use the Surfline customer portal and purchase from authorized dealers. You can then pay this through the services of Hubbel, Expresspay, mighty and Slydepay.

You got to try this out. That problem when the net cut off in the middle of that movie is no more.

Surfline Ghana Bundles Coverage

In theory, Surfline has a network that makes up for the whole territory of Accra. However, in practice, don’t be surprised if you find some places in various locations where it doesn’t work. With all of these in mind, we still believe that Surfline is the best service for Ghana.

Surfline Ghana Bundles Devices

Fortunately, Surfline comes with four wi-fi devices, and those are Wingle, Router, Modem and other three various Mi-Fi gadgets. There’s also worth mentioning that Surfline offers a modem that can be used just by one person, for only GHC99, the package containing 1GB of free data. They also give a Mi-Fi and Wingle that allows about 11 people to connect for GHC199, and this for the 1GB worth of free data. The other two Mi-Fi gadgets cost GHC289 and GHC209.

When talking about routers, it’s safe to say that they sell them for GHC399 for 1GB of free data.

The package with 20GB lasts for 60 days, and the one with 50GB lasts for 90 days. Surfline also gives out bonuses, which are given to you in some more data. But this depends on the package you decide to go for.

Surfline Ghana Bundles & Prices

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