Tarot Card Spreads: Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

 Kevin Brown
  May 09, 2019

Our life is full of twists and turns. It is uncertain what is going to happen with us. Nobody knows when our life rises and falls. Are you familiar with the tarot card spreads? Each card indicates something about your life. There are different types of Tarot card spreads. Each has its own energy. It is a process of divination, which directly connects with a divine soul.

Tarot Card Spreads Layouts

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each has its own stories and symbols. There are two types of Arcana cards, Major Arcana cards, and Minor Arcana cards. Major Arcana cards are 22 and Minor cards are 56. These total card spreads tell us about the situations we face on a daily basis. The card we are going to show you the most common tarot cards.

Tarot Card Spreads

The Most Common Tarot Card Spreads

The Success Spread:

The success card consists of 5 tarot cards. When are you supposed to use this card? This card should be used when you are suffering from a crunch circumstance and trying to overcome. When you are puzzled and don’t know how to face the situation, this card helps you overcome safely. With the help of the success card you can to understand the true nature of the difficulty.

The first card represents that from which situations you are suffering right now. This card helps you solve your concern. You can never overcome trouble until you know the real reason; this is what this card tells you.

The second card tells about your current problems and how it is going to affect your life ahead.

The third card tells about the unknown factors which are affecting your present badly. There is a need to go through those factors and solve them.

The fourth card reveals new ideas and tricks that help you better the situation you are facing. It also helps you move forward in life.

The fifth card reveals that what efforts you should put to succeed ahead. And what things you should keep yourself away to progress in life. The positive card show you the right direction to move forward and a negative card tell you to stay away from particular things that have bed impacts on your life.

The Celtic Cross Spread:

Although it is a complex card, it is very famous amongst all the cards. This contains 10 cards within it. This spread is very helpful in the complicated situation as it stores much valuable information. For beginners, this spread is not easy. But once, you learn it properly you can handle this tarot card spread easily to handle any type of problems.

The first card tells your current circumstances. It indicates that what is around your problem. What is the secret of your problems?

The second card is put across the first card. This tarot card spread indicates the primary hurdle to be solved.

The third tarot card is used those who are influenced subconsciously. The power of subconscious influence on a person’s daily life can put him in great trouble.

The fourth card reveals the tool is used by a person at his disposal. You can use this card to overcome a problem shown in the second card.

This card takes you to the past situations you faced. Are those past issues still haunting you in the present? Your negative past can affect your present. You need to find out your past problem and prevent them from affecting your current. Your positive past affects your present positively.

The card reveals negative energy on your way. In this event, the previous cards should tell why it is happening and what should be done to avoid such situations and overcome

The sixth tarot card spread talk about personal attitude. It shows your actions and thoughts according to you the problem.

This tarot card spread shows the energy of a person. It is an energy card. It reveals the energy you get from people around you.

This card shows that you should need to be cautious about the present situations.

The last card suggests the last outcome related to current energies. It has a strong bonding with the six cards. It also indicates that a person should avoid his future which is indicated in the six cards or need to face obstacles.

The True Love Card:

Everybody is eager to know about their relationship and what challenges they have to face in love life. This card consists of six cards. Each has something to say.

This first card points out at you. It tells what you are thinking about your personal relationship

The second tarot card spread reveals about your partner, his/her emotions and expectations towards you. What he/she is thinking about you?

The third is a connection card. It shows, what are the skills you have?

This card represents the strength of your relationship and the qualities that make your relationship strong.

The fifth card indicates the weaknesses or drawbacks in your relationship and what are things both supposed to improve?

If you are a beginner, it is very difficult for them to be familiar with the tarot card spreads. Tarot spreads help you get the answer to your questions when in dilemma.

Tarot Card Spreads: Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

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