Ten Important Tips To Decrease Mining Accidents

 Jason Smith
  Sep 25, 2018

Trying to reduce mining accidents is one of the best things that you can do your business. You have to make sure that you have thought over the things that you can do, and you will notice that you can change the way that your company runs if you have thought these things through. You also need to remember that you can make these changes slowly as you get the business on track. You can make your mining company the safest place to work, and you will notice that all your workers are much more productive. They feel safer, and they do better work for you because you have invested in them.

1. Check All Your Options

You must start reading on various websites that will help you save some time, and you could print out or share all the things that you think are most helpful to you. You also have to look over a sort of sites like https://bossresources.com.au/honeymoon-uranium-project/ that have already laid out things that you can do. You can actually use the template to get better results, and you can write down all the things that you end up doing. This makes it easier for you to move forward with your plan, and you will find that you can make your plans move along much faster because you have something on paper that is easy to understand.

2. You Need Better Timecards

You need better timecards so that your business can improve. You have to know exactly where everyone is, and you have to make certain that you have given them a map that they will follow so that you are not at all confused by where your people are. You have to be able to find people when there is a problem, and you also have to see if there is something that will make it much easier for you to get your people to where they need to go.

3. You Need More Training

You have to train your people more on safety. They need to know as much as you can tell them how to handle all the new safety procedures that you have come up with. You have to do something that will help them make better decisions, and you will get the exact results that you want because everyone is using. the same tips for safety.

4. You Need Better Hours

You have to keep people safe by not allowing them to work too much. You could allow for overtime and things of the sort, but you could work out something that will keep people fresh when they are in the mine working. This is something that you have to care about, and you have to think very hard about what you will do when you are trying to get everyone in for all the hours that they have asked for.

5. More Lighting

You need more lighting so that people can see, and you will find that giving a light to everyone is safer so that they can check things easily. They also need headlamps so that they can be safer. This is basic, easy to buy, and works for everyone.

6. More Mobile Technology

You need to use mobile devices to get more work done. This is good if there is an accident, and you can give people something that will give you their exact location if they are caught in an accident.

7. Lower Quotas

You cannot push people so hard that they cannot keep up. They make mistakes when they are trying too hard and cannot take care of the safety protocols.

8. Post More Warnings

You must post all the different warnings that are needed for your company. You can remind people of what is going on, and they will know what to do because they have seen the signs so often.

9. Use Better Machines

You must purchase better machines that will be safer to use every day.

10. Give Your Staff Better Perks

People who get paid better and have better perks will be much better employees. They also will be much better about safety.

You can take all these steps every day, and you can change your company into a place that people think is easier to work in.

Ten Important Tips To Decrease Mining Accidents

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