The author who taught how to believe in yourself

 Phillip Taylor
  Feb 07, 2018

The famous writer and psychologist Dale Carnegie has won the recognition of many generations. His books are still popular and have a positive impact on people around the world. Dale Carnegie put his achievements in physiology into practice available for the average reader. His work became the basis for academic papers, so you can buy essay now and make Carnegie`s books your deskbooks. Dale Carnegie's books have become the motivation for a qualitative change in people's conscious and the incentive towards self-development and self-improvement. The works of this American writer, teacher and psychologist are applicable nowadays.


Dale Carnagey was born in the family of a farmer (1888, Missouri). Later he changed his surname to Carnegie. Born in a poor family, he was forced to work hard on his parent’s farm from an early age. He was ashamed of his poverty, so he decided to overcome it by his success. Rationally assessing his physical abilities, he decided to defend his position with the help of the oratory art. Despite being extensively engaged in housekeeping, Carnegie got free education at the Warrensburg Pedagogical College.

During his student years, Dale Carnegie joined popular at that time debate club. This played a key role in the future as a writer. He discovered the art of eloquence and public speaking. After a year of visiting the discussion group, he was recognized as the best speaker at Warrensburg College. Dale gained confidence and got rid of low self-esteem.

In 1908 Carnegie abandoned his studies as he failed the exam and began to teach correspondence course for effective communication to the ranch owners. The financial means forced him to earn money trading. As soon as Carnegie succeeded in saving money, he abandoned the hated trade and decided to realize his dream - teaching career.

In 1911 Carnegie organized his own school where he taught public speaking and acting. In 1912 he began to lecture at the Christian Association of Young People in New York. His course became so popular that he was invited to clubs in other cities. Carnegie received his first success and recognition.

Dale Carnegie continued working on the system of developing communicative skills and rules of relationships between people. Having combined it in a single complex, he protected it by copyright. Being engaged in teaching, he published his books, which brought him worldwide popularity and loyalty of many readers.

Outstanding literary works

In 1926 he published his first book on the art of public speaking. The book is based on his observations and professional activity. The listeners of his lectures were grown-up people who were attracted to the opportunity to solve their problems: to get rid of constraint, gain confidence, achieve higher position and start earning money and moving forward in business.

In 1933 the manager of the publishing house “Simon and Schuster” listened to Dale Carnegie's lecture and became interested in the principles of relations between people. He suggested Carnegie to systematize rules and advice into a separate book. In 1936 Carnegie's most popular book about friendship and relations with people was published.

It was an optimistic collection of practical advice and life stories under the general slogan "Believe that you will succeed - and you will achieve." This book contained short but at the same time capacious tips on how to behave better to win the interest and sympathy of others. He persuaded the readers that everyone might like each other; the main thing is to present yourself to the interlocutor.

Another successful book was a practical guide on how to deal with stress and start enjoying life published in 1948. We all suffer from stress from time to time that results in unnecessary anxiety, fears and inability to banish exhausting thoughts from the head. Dale Carnegie gives a lot of advice based not only on his psychological experience, but also on the practice of how to withstand countless fears, gain peace of mind, success, and happiness.

Educational establishments

D. Carnegie founded "Institute of Effective Speech and Human Relations" that has branches in many countries. Nowadays the University of Dale Carnegie is functioning in St. Louis where teachers are annually trained and certified. In addition, he founded the training company “Dale Carnegie Training” which is an international organization with offices in more than 80 countries and has about 2800 trainers. After his death institute was governed by his widow Dorothy.

On November 1, 1955, Dale Carnegie died in New York City suffering from Hodgkin's disease.

The author who taught how to believe in yourself

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