The Basic Rules of Backgammon Board Game

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 13, 2019

• A turn gives the opportunity to place the counters at the player’s inner table.

• When the player throws doubles then two moves are allowed, one for each number as per shown on the dice.

• The player’s receiving more than one turn cannot pass the turn to other player and the respective player has to complete the turn.

• A situation where there are two or more pieces with the same color then the competitor should not land his or her piece on such a spot.

• Blot can be named to such a situation when a point is scored by only one piece.

• Whereas the captured pieces should be replaced on the nearest point from the player’s inner table.

• When there are two or more pieces of the competitor then it can be said as “blocked”.

Backgammon game

Necessary Equipment for the Backgammon Game

• Board

• 15 white disks

• 15 black disks

• Two Dice

• Two dice shakers

• Doubling Cube

The board is specially designed which consists of four tables of six triangles or points on each table. These points start from the edges of the board and are designed in such a way that directs inward by these 12 points are formed with 2 rows. The points are opposite to each other. There are an inner table and an outer table between the two tables and the board. The table which is facing the greatest light source is known as the inner table. The doubling cube consists of the numbers such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 and these numbers are placed on the face of the cube. (6 face on a cube)


Backgammon game can be played with 2 players.

Basic Preparation for Backgammon Game

Select the team caption for the game. Each player will throw a die and the one with the highest number will start the game. All the players need to mutually decide whether the consulting will be permitted or not. The main equipment i.e. cube, the game will be played with doubling cube or multiple doubling cubes. Refer to the rules before you start the game.

Main Motive to Play Backgammon Game

The main motive or objective of this game is to move all of the checkers around the board. The first player to get all their checkers off the board will be the winner.

How to Play Backgammon?

The pieces can ideally move in one direction only. Their way is from the competitor’s inner table through the competitor’s outer table and vice-versa. Whereas the white pieces move in a clockwise direction, black pieces move in an anti-clockwise direction. According to the direction of the inner table, players should decide where to sit as it faces towards the light.

A player should start the game from the first square of the inner table and end by the last square of the outer table. There will be 2 white pieces on point 1 on the Black’s side, 5 black pieces on 6th square, 3 black pieces on the 8th square and 5 white pieces on 12th square.

The players can keep the reward for the winner and the reward can be beans, score with pen and paper, money if it is permitted legally, etc. Whereas the gambling factor should be avoided and should follow the normal rules.

Doubling and stakes

A player can offer double the stakes after any point of time the first turn. The other player can select one option from the following option, forfeit the game and the current stake or accept the offer in order to score more in the game. The stake can only be doubled by the player who lastly or recently accepted an offer to double the stake. The last statement is only possible when the stake has been doubled at least once. However, the doubling cube is for the record the current amount of the stake.

The Basic Rules of Backgammon Board Game

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