The Beauty Is Northern California

  Oct 22, 2018

If you have not taken a vacation yet, now is a good time to think about vacationing in one of the most beautiful parts of America – Northern California. California is the largest state in population and land in the U.S.

It is 900 miles of any type of terrain and exciting sights to see anywhere. Its capital is Sacramento and every part of this state, northern, southern and central coastlines are all surreal. Northern California has such a variety of topography that its temperatures will vary.

You have a choice of geography that gives visitors and its citizens' high mountain peaks, famous parks like Yosemite and Redwood. There is a volcano, canyons, waterfalls, tallest trees in the world, and landscapes that will make your mouth drop open.

Typical sunny California temperatures are around 90 degrees but in the high mountains like Sierra's temperatures are around 50 degrees to 30 degrees. You may be familiar with cities in northern California through movies, songs, or daily news stories:


>Napa Valley



>San Francisco

>San Jose


There are 48 counties in northern California all of which features interesting and fun things to see and do year round. Drive, swim, or walk along its many gorgeous white sand beaches, hike up into the mountains to see amazing redwood forests, visit varied wine vineyards, explore state parks, view the blue Pacific Oceans sea life as they live and play offshore.

With so many things to see and do in northern California, it is hard to pinpoint just a few exciting activities to take part in. If you are in Northern California and need to receive, or send someone money while you are there, consider using Ria Money Transfer. The following mentions six cities where you can see and do fun things in this great area:

1.San Francisco

>walk or bike across Golden Gate Bridge

>eat chef-inspired foods at Fisherman's Wharf

>visit the famous federal prison at Alcatraz Island

>visit Walt Disney Family Museum

>be a tourist in amazing Chinatown

>ride the cable cars

>visit museums and sights on Telegraph Hill

>see unique pagodas and more at the oldest Japanese Tea Garden in the U.S.

>end the night with a ferry ride to Angel Island and dine with the only 60 inhabitants on the island.

2.Napa Valley

Napa County is home to famous wine and dining vineyards sprinkled throughout the area.

>Take famous colorful balloon rides

>Visit Safari West the 400-acre wildlife sanctuary

>Play golf at the many par hole locations

>Take the Napa Valley Wine Train tour

>Visit the myriad of Farmer Markets and Flea Markets throughout the region.

3.Lake Tahoe

>In the winter, go skiing, snowboarding, hike in snowshoes at the many snow resorts

>In the summer hike, rock climb, cycle, picnic and more in the Sierra mountains

>Play your favorite games at the casinos on the Nevada side

>Go kayaking, jet skiing, paddleboarding, and sports fishing

>Hand glide over the Carson Range and into the Tahoe Basin.

4. San Jose

>visit the unique and maze-inspired Winchester House

>visit Little Tokyo with its own unique culture, its amazing architecture, unique shops, and dining establishments

>visit the outstanding San Jose Museum of Art

>visit the hands-on Children's Discovery Museum.


The capital of California, located in the northern region, invites you to visit its many popular zoos.

>Bike, walk, canoe in its many river-lined parks

>Hit the greens in the city's many golf parks

>Visit the ranches in the Apple Hill area

>Take part in the many wine tasting cellars and vineyards

>Dine at the various Sacramento River cafes, bars, and restaurants

>Sail on the Delta King

>Visit farmer markets, museums, enjoy the many cultural events, be inspired by the Sacramento ballet productions, and go river rafting.


>Bring your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars at the Chabot Space/Science Center

>Drive up to the panoramic Grizzly Peak and visit the Grizzly Peak Park for hiking, mountain climbing, or biking

>Lake Merritt is in the center of Oakland. Its three miles invites everyone to set-up their painting easel along its shoreline. Ride, bike, walk, alongside bird and wildlife refuge areas

>Walk or bike along the over 2 miles of the new/old Oakland Bay Bridge. Take the bridge tour that spans the San Francisco and Bay Bridge view.

So, as you consider your many vacation destination options, keep Northern California at the top of the list. You will not leave disappointed.

The Beauty Is Northern California


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