The Best 10 Places to Visit in Greece

 Ali Anwer
  Dec 10, 2018


If you are here, then you probably are planning a visit to Greece and well, let’s just say, it is a very smart decision of yours. Greece has numerous small beautiful islands which might just take your breath away.

Greece has been a tourist attraction for so many years and yes, for so many reasons as well. It has places with never-ending beauty and the camera might not be able to do justice to them so they are a must visit. Well, it’s always difficult to find air tickets when you travel to Greece. You can book low fare air tickets by visiting

Here, are 10 places which we selected from the countless list of places you can visit while your trip to Greece and make it memorable. Also, below is provided with some information which might help you with selecting the month you should choose to take your trip to the Greek islands.


We have mentioned only 10 places below but there are so much that one can see in Greece.

1- Sifnos


There’s so much to explore on this island. Over 100km to explore with small villages that will serve as a treat to your eyes. Apart from the small villages, there are farms and farmhouses and lush green points for you to relax.
Also, you don’t only need sandals or slippers for this but you also need your hiking boots. And for hiking, you do not need to bring the equipment from your home because the well-made hotels which ensure your comfort contain the equipment for you. If you visit Greece, be sure to take a visit to this place because you’ll surely regret if you don’t.

2- Therasia


This Cycladic island has a very small population of about 250 permanent residents. This island is famously known as Santorini’s little sister and numerous tourists come all the way by boats to this little piece of heaven especially during summers to get a taste of its immense beauty. The well-carved landscapes, perfectly constructed churches, and pleasant routes which end up with destinations that will blow your mind. For cultivation purposes, there are specially made dry stone terraces. This is the most relaxing place you’ll find in Greece especially if you don’t like populous places and want to explore nature’s beauty at its best.

3- Zagori


Be it summers or winters, this place has been a source of a tourist attraction for so many years now. This place contains thick forest and gorges that will take you to different depths. It contains bridges built over the rivers accompanying about 47 villages. If you are into hiking and hiking is your thing, then trust me, Zagori is the right place to visit. In summers, there’s a huge event with the name of Zagori Running event which is purely for the hiking lovers. Moreover, you don’t need guides to go around this place thanks to the App especially developed to help you through this place.

4- Athens


You might have heard about Athens before because it is a cultural spotlight and very famous for that purpose and historically very important too. So many different boutiques and businesses have made their way into this place and have been causing many people to visit this chunk of paradise. What makes it worth a visit is that is a place which is highly affordable and pocket-friendly. If you want to shop, you can easily at this place because of its low prices. The mouth-watering meals of this place serve as a cherry on top. The traditional food of this place is worth a try and you won’t regret it at all.

5- Spetses


Water lover are you? Do you find the blue colour soothing?
This place will have your heart then. A perfect example of what fine architecture is. For people who are into architecture, this place is a role model because of its aristocratic villas.
This place also contains some entertainment for the kids who love sailing. It provides classes on sailing to the kids.
The huge number of boats in the waters tend to add to the beauty of Spetses. It also contains thrills of racing and excitement competitions.
This island is very lively. And the best part is, you can travel to this place in a car from Athens. So if you go to Athens, you might not want to miss this place as well.

6- Hania


This place has its famous Ottoman Mosque which acts like a magnet attracting foreigner visitors which enjoy its beauty to the best. But this mosque isn’t the only thing. This place is a heavenish blend of beaches, lakes and its greenery. You can even go swimming in this place.

Well, Hania is a piece of heaven, perfect in every aspect, but while you’re in this place, don’t miss their very famous cuisine known as Cretan which has a taste that you will remember for your lifetime.

It is appropriate to say that Hania is a mixture of everything that you will want a place to have.

7- Kythira


This place is so pretty that it is like the kind of places you read about in stories. One look at this place and you will instantly fall in love with it. It is a unique island because it contains castles such as The Venetian one, and hill stations that will leave their beautiful pictures entrapped in your mind forever. With it's not easy to describe stunning sights, this place has made its way to the list of best places to visit in Greece. This place has so much to explore. The paths to the villages might not be the best one, but trust us, once you get there, you’ll know that the hustle was worth it.

8- Thessaloniki


With its happy festivals, beautiful lights and lively night time, this place is no less than a mesmerizing chunk of land. Because of its vast area, this city has made its way to the second-largest cities of Greece which are no less of when it comes to beauty. Art galleries, museums, well-made Byzantine walls and so much more. This city has venues that you might be dreaming of.

9- Peloponnese


This place WAS named Morea because of its resemblance to the shape of a leaf. This contains Greek forts and temples in addition to the Byzantine churches suitable for people who are into history and historical places. And well, the history doesn’t only end here. This is the place where the first Olympic games were held and initiated. If you want beauty with history, this place calls your name for sure.

10- Meteora


The word Meteora means, ‘’hanging in the air’’. And well, it isn’t named this without any reason. This place has cliffs which rise to about a height of 1200feet. And yes, along with the mesmerizing views, this place also contains a historical background. But let's just say, travel into the clouds by visiting this place and feel how stunning it is.


Well, Greece has it all for the visitors in both winters and summers. But the best time to take a visit to this more than perfect place containing the best sights ever means the time of the month where you can grab the cheapest tickets to Greece and yes, save your money and utilize it on different things as well.

Many tourists head towards Greece during the months of June and August when the sun shines bright and the weather is very pleasant. You can travel at the cheapest prices ever from August and Mid-October. Not only are the flights cheap during this time but Greece is the most welcoming during this time of the year.

If you are in search of when the hotels and resorts give off, then that is during the months of March, April, May, October, and November. Be sure to select a month where you find both off on flights and hotels.

The Best 10 Places to Visit in Greece

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