The Best Tools to Have for Your Kitchen Needs

 Edna Oneal
  Sep 11, 2018

Whether you’re a Julia Child or a juvenile cook, you’d want to have an ideal kitchen to feed all your cravings. Besides, with the access to a million and one how-to videos and recipes on the internet, it won’t be long until you can make yourself whatever it is you want – and who doesn’t want a freshly baked pizza or maybe some chicken wings at three in the morning? (Okay, perhaps not everyone.)

To be able to pull off an instant-chef reality though, you’ll need to fill up your kitchen with essentials. The best way to ensure you prepare a good meal is to have the correct tools to do their respective roles.

Here is a checklist for some of the best kitchen tools you’ll need to make sure you’re cooking-ready:

Whether You’re Chopping or Slicing, Make Sure You’re Armed

  • Kitchen knife – Make sure you’ve got a sharp knife to slice through the heavy meats and ingredients! Look for a knife with a blade that’s roughly 8 to 9 inches long, and make sure you test it out to see if it’s comfortable for you to use.

  • Paring Knife – Your big sharp knife might be able to cut through anything, but it would be a little uncomfortable to use for smaller items like vegetables and fruits. A paring knife with a 3 to the 4-inch blade is ideal for such ingredients.

  • Bread Knife (serrated) – When slicing bread, you’ll want a serrated bread knife to give you smooth, even slices. Sometimes, a regular kitchen knife might be able to slice bread, but a serrated blade about 8 inches long will allow you clean, symmetrical slices.

  • Grater – Who doesn’t love cheese? A grater will help you conveniently trim your cheese into its ideal cooking state, perfect for topping over pasta and fish, or in mixes and sauces. The grater is not only limited to cheese, too – it is for getting shredded chocolate or citrus zest as well.

  • Kitchen Shears – While scissors may be able to pull off any kitchen-related cutting, kitchen shears with fine tips and large handles will be easier to use for food items. Also, you may want to separate the glitter-laced tool you use for arts and crafts from your asparagus and chicken portions.

  • Vegetable Peeler – Whether it’s potatoes, carrots or any fruit you want to peel, a vegetable (and fruit!) peeler will do a quicker and cleaner job compared to a sharp knife. The peeler won’t shed off more than you need, and using it in quick strokes is a lot easier than keeping your finger from being sliced if you use a large knife.

  • Masher – If you want to make mashed potatoes, or an egg salad, leave the fork alone. A masher’s round head will be more efficient in getting every inch of your ingredient mashed in a bowl.

If You’re Mixing or Stirring, You Better Be Holding the Right Thing

  • Rubber Spatula – If you want to mix heavy ingredients like dough, use this (usually heat-resistant) tool.

  • Metal Spatula – A metal version of the spatula with a medium-sized blade can help you pick up items positioned at awkward angles.

  • Slotted Spoon – This metal spoon with holes will allow you to scoop solid food while draining the liquid out.

  • Ladle – You will need a ladle to help you scoop soups or stews into a bowl. (Can you imagine how long it would take if you used a spoon to do this?)

  • Tongs – These metal tongs are best for flipping or picking up vegetables and meat portions. Make sure you get a pair with non-slip handles so it won’t be difficult to keep your grasp.

  • Whisk – If you’re going to beat eggs or cream, a fork might do, but a whisk will do a better job. Check for one that has thin wires, too, to achieve perfect whisking balance.

Other VIK (Very Important Kitchen) Items You Should Consider

  • Ceramic cookware – You can opt for a lot of different types of cookware, but ceramic pots and pans are not only durable but eco-friendly and safe for your health.

  • Measuring Spoons and Cups – It would be a lot easier to achieve the perfect dishes when you have the correct measurements. These tools will help you upgrade your cooking status to ‘Pro’ in no time.

  • Can Opener – There is a high likelihood you will open a can of something at one point in your cooking (or dining) life. Don’t ruin your knife by using it – this is not its purpose. Make sure a sharp can opener is close by for these circumstances.

  • Corkscrew – If you are cooking with wine (whether as an ingredient or an accompanying drink – let’s face it, this is also a likelihood) – you will need a corkscrew to open that bottle. Or two.


While there are a whole lot of other best kitchen tools out there to make your life in the kitchen more convenient, it wouldn’t hurt to have the basic ones checked off your list first.

You also don’t necessarily have to purchase all of these and can begin by getting only the ones you need the most.

The Best Tools to Have for Your Kitchen Needs

Edna Oneal

I’m Edna Oneal, the founder of Kitchen Aim, where I share my cooking tips and wonderful recipes. To me, cooking is a wonderful chance of creative, fun and fulfilling activity.

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