The Cutest Cats You are Yet to See

 Nirdesh Singh
  Jun 05, 2018

Many people don't know that cats have just as much various breeds as dogs. If you are a cat lover, there are more than enough types of cats that you can check out. These cute animals love the company of humans and can be tamed to give you a lifetime companionship. Let as look that the prettiest cats that will change your perception of this adorable creatures.

Exotic Persian

Honestly, you can't get enough of an Exotic Persian’s squished face. Most of these cats have distinctive features such as large eyes, a round head, a short nose as well as small ears. Their sturdy, muscular body add to their strength, as their firm paws give them a defensive mechanism. You can cuddle the fine texture of their coat which comes in diverse colors and patterns.

This cute animal is the sweetest pet you can ever own because it is gentle and calm. They love sitting on your lap and playing with kids around the house. Exotic Persians don't trust easily after getting attached to family members only. Your guests may not receive the same treatment from this cat.

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold is unique in that its appearance makes it express it feelings effortlessly. Their folded ears call for your attention as they make it hard for you to resist its demands. They have round eyes and a big head as well as whisker pads that make them different.

The hair on their coats is short and colored with various shades such as grey and white. It may take time for you to get used to their sitting Buddha position. The way they stretch their legs and lay their paws on the belly draws curiosity to an owner.


A Himalayan is a prestigious cat that deserves attention and love. Its beautiful blue eyes will melt your heart. Wait until you hear their soft, musical voice. We can assure that the tunes they make are rare to find in regular cats. The abundant hair on their skin makes them adorable. Most Himalayans are 7 pounds for your children to carry around easily.

If your house is a serene surrounding with no irritating noise, your Himalayan will enjoy the new found home. Unlike other cats, this is peaceful and does not climb on high surfaces. It prefers hanging on the floor or your sofa.

British Shorthair

This chubby looking cat is pretty and comfortable with lots of hugs and cuddling. They have gold or copper eyes that never seem to blink. You can get this cat in a variety of colors such as white, silver, blue cream as well as black. The jaws are strong and its chest broad. Unlike other types, the texture of British Shorthair is hard and needs you to brush it regularly to prevent it from thickening.

Apart from warming your lap, this cute animal keeps the rodents away with sensitive instincts to spot rats. It is both fierce and easy to get along with people. It will not demand lots of attention from you since it knows how to enjoy its own company.

Maine Coon

If you prefer big cats, you will love a Maine because it can grow to the size of a dog. These cats can weigh up to 18 to 20 pounds. This should tell you that this cat is not a lap cat. You don't want to get exhausted moving it around right? They are comfortable remaining on the ground.

They have strong paws to keep the mice away as well as a shaggy coat to quickly adapt to harsh climate. Their legs are medium sized and ear tufted. Their large eyes express different emotions in them. Apart from their stunning features, these cats are brilliant and playful. They learn tricks quickly and love playing puzzles to keep themselves busy in case you are not giving them lots of attention.


Wouldn't you love a small cute animal to lie next to while staying alone? Get a munchkin that has eyes shaped like a walnut and triangular ears. It has short stubby legs and a coat that blends well in different weather conditions making it stand out in the cat family.

A munchkin is an outgoing breed that shows confidence and stamina to give you the best company. Petting this cat is natural for it gets easily attached to you and can spend hours on your lap. It is also playful when in the company of other cats and loves chasing mice.


The stunning beauty of this animal lies in its shiny long coat that remains tender on your skin. It has three different layers of coating from the guard hairs, the awn hairs, and the downy undercoat. You can get a Siberian in different colors since some have one specific shade and others have mixed patterns. The contours on its head make it attractive, and the green eyes symbolize alertness.

This cat will follow you everywhere you go as it enjoys the company of humans. It makes pleasant tunes and purrs that are not annoying. Unlike other cats, a Siberian does not shy off or act harshly towards strangers for it is loving and active. This pretty animal will cheer you up by picking up items for you to engage him in a game. How sweet!


If you love fluffy animals as much as most of us, you will not overlook a ragdoll. This is among the large cats that make you pause to admire their posture. They have a fine pattern and a long coat which comes in mitted patterns. The blue eyes sparkle even in the dark making them look gorgeous. Ragdoll ears are tilted forward, and their rear legs are more prolonged than the front ones.

They have strong instincts that enable them to remain obedient to their owners. Apart from their stunning looks, they develop good manners which make them easily adapt to different surroundings. Their sweet voice will definitely put a smile on your face.

Final thoughts

Cats remain cute animals which will always have your back whether you are feeling lonely or disturbed by irritating rats. You can now choose a beautiful cat from our list to fill your home with its warmth.

The Cutest Cats You are Yet to See

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