The Evolution of Modern Bathroom Designs: Tracking Today’s Trends

 James Campbell
  Nov 27, 2018

Bathroom Designs

Once, the bathroom was the most utilitarian room in the home. Actually, it wasn’t even part of the home for a long time – it was a separate outbuilding. With the advent of modern plumbing, we were able to bring it indoors, but it remained a single-purpose space. That began changing in the early 2000s and has come to full fruition today. Bathroom designs today can be elegant or fun, modern or retro, luxurious or spartan.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, understanding today’s trends in terms of bathroom designs is important. It will help you create the ideal space for you and your family, as well as for any guests who might use the space. Below, we’ll walk you through some of the current and emerging design trends to help you explore your options and plan your project.

Smaller and Smaller

Once, the trend with bathrooms, particularly the master bath, was toward larger and larger spaces. Many homeowners wanted something akin to a Roman bath, with spacious floors and massive fixtures. Today, that’s changing. Bathrooms are getting smaller, but they are also getting more and more efficient. There are many reasons to consider going with a smaller bathroom space, including:

  • You can outfit them with more luxury touches for less cost.
  • You can make more effective use of cabinets and countertops.
  • You spend less time and effort cleaning smaller bathrooms.
  • Smaller bathrooms use less power.

Does that mean you can expect bathroom designs to shrink down to closet size? Probably not, but there is a significant focus on smaller footprints combined with better efficiency and higher quality materials.

The Rise of Technology

We don’t tend to think of the bathroom as being the most technology-friendly place in the home. That designation probably goes to your home office or your entertainment room. However, the bathroom is getting more and more technological thanks to the advent of the Internet of Things and whole-home connectivity.

One of the most interesting ways this is occurring is with our toilets. You’ll find a host of new tech features on modern toilet models, including the following:

  • Seat warmers
  • Automatic deodorisers
  • Bluetooth music connectivity
  • Air dryers
  • Automatic lid openers/closers

Sure, those are nice conveniences, but they’re hardly “must have” items for the average home. If you’re not sold on the idea of a technologically advanced toilet, consider other ways that technology is changing today’s bathroom designs. For instance, with some shower systems, you can program in profiles that allow you to set your desired water temperature and then just press a button every time you step into the shower. Other advances include sensors that automatically turn lights on and off based on motion within the room.

Mosaic Tiles

Tile has enjoyed a major resurgence in the modern bathroom, and it’s found everywhere from floors to backsplashes to showers and walls. However, gone are the days when subway tiles were your only options. Today’s homeowners can choose from a host of different tile designs, including mosaic tiles.

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean world, mosaic tiles allow you to create unique patterns in the bath or shower, or even entire pictures. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like (or as your budget allows) and can be used as accents or as focal points.

Additional Storage

Yet another unique aspect of today’s bathroom designs is the focus on practical space and making use of the room available to you. Once, you might have had a basic bathroom vanity and perhaps a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. Today’s bathroom cabinetry is much different, providing a host of storage options, including vertical cabinets that give you a built-in place for towels and robes.

Natural Stone

There’s something that has always been appealing about natural stone, so it’s a good thing this material is making a resurgence in bathroom designs. You’ll find it used in a number of places, but particularly in sink basins, shower flooring, and bathroom wall cladding. It can also be used for bathroom floors and makes a perfect complement to an underfloor heating system to take the chill off on those winter mornings.

These are just a few ways that bathroom designs are changing today. At your local bathroom designer such as Ecocabinets, they can help you explore your options, and even custom design your new space.

The Evolution of Modern Bathroom Designs: Tracking Today’s Trends

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