The intervention of Machine Learning in Home Security

 Praveen Kumar
  Jul 25, 2018

The recent events surrounding the data leak scandal has shaken the digital world. It was an eye-opener for those who were oblivious to the threats of data compromises. In the near future, data will be counted as one of the most valuable and significant assets. Hence, there is a need to understand the risks associated with the compromise on personal data. Latest technological advancements have ushered in complicated and competent high caliber machines. We are currently in a phase where there is an increased demand for the integration of internet on everything. The advent of Smart Homes means that technology and data are not just restricted to our whereabouts, but it has actually entered our homes.

Under such circumstances, it is very important to gather more knowledge about the technologies that we are using in our day-to-day lives. The following information may help you increase the security of your smart homes.

Modern Security Risks

Smart Homes are the next generation of homes, which can make life easier and more convenient. It is a tremendous innovation. Various industries have jumped the smart home bandwagon and have started rolling out several applications with remote features. These applications have the capacity to communicate with the appliances. Some of the best examples are the flexible television sets with a 4k support that can connect to the internet and even recognize names and faces. There are also personal products like the constantly improving and ever so powerful mobile phones and wearable technologies which come armed with fast processing power. In addition to that, automation has reached our gaming consoles as well as the cars that we drive.

Data and Information Security

All this means that even the minutes of our data can be collected and compromised. The surge in the number of cyber criminals and them coming up with innovative techniques for mischief means that the ramifications of any slip up on security could prove to be catastrophic. Personally, identifiable information could be gathered by the hackers from the smart TVs. Similarly, cars with self-driving facilities could get tampered with by hackers, thus, endangering the passengers. Gaming consoles too could enable cybercriminals to cause problems to game services and the gamers.

Predictive Behaviour and Preventive Control

This is where Machine Learning has a lot to contribute when it comes to increasing the security of Smart Homes. ML can harvest data through a wide range of platforms of large sample sizes. This will allow the systems to access the data and in the process learn to recognize patterns which helps it to identify security threats at the earliest and raise a red flag. Such an action will automatically create an alarm so that necessary precautionary measures are taken. ML has the capability to predict future attacks if it is exposed to old data history. If ML is educated about the previous attacks, how they look like and their relationship to one another then these cybersecurity solutions can integrate with it to recognize network changes and alter the behavioral profile. This type of pairing allows prediction of threats on the basis of historical data while limiting the appearance of false positives.

In addition to this the owners of the smart homes to have to take a few necessary steps to increase safety. Practices such as updating of apps and installing the latest patches can go a long way to ensure that no security breaches occur. Other steps include registering IoT devices with the manufacturer and disconnecting devices when not in use, can prove to be beneficial.

Role of ML in Security of Traditional Homes

The role of Machine Learning in increasing home security is not limited to smart homes only. It has a major role to play in the present and future security measures of the traditional homes too. Tools like Robotic monitoring, cameras, and sensors are already in use, which can also be seamlessly integrated into smart homes. These systems can even automatically contact the emergency services in case of an urgent need for attention. The highly complicated AI algorithms ensure that there is no need for manual surveillance.


In the modern world, security can mean different things to different people. A single system of security may not be sufficient for everyone. The security demands of an entrepreneur could be vastly different to a stockbroker or someone who invests heavily on equity shares. As a result, there is a need for personalization and flexibility in the systems to allow give a greater level of confidence to the owner. This is exactly what Machine Learning has to offer. It can provide security based on the owner’s preference and priority. This is a crucial feature which, apart from the other factors, make the intervention of Machine Learning an absolute necessity in this day and age.

The intervention of Machine Learning in Home Security

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