The Simple Things That Make Good Events Great

 Stephanie Clarke
  Jun 10, 2016

There is a general agreement when it comes to the idea of what a good event is, from the attention to detail, the management of expectations to the keeping attendees engaged. However, there is also great consensus, especially among event organizers, that it does not take too much for what might have seemed like a great event to go wrong. The difference between a good and a great event is to know how to manage such situations and tread the thin line between success and disaster. A successful event normally involves dealing with the following challenges



In the event world, shortcuts are something of a necessary evil. Very few event planners begin their planning from scratch for every new event. There are templates, contacts and approaches developed over time that most people fall to when they start a new project. However, the difference between success and failure for many is how they manage their shortcuts. The event management industry is very dynamic, and shortcuts should be taken with absolute care especially when it comes to technology. The perfect example of change and how it affects shortcuts is the popularity and power of hashtags, which were nothing more than a nerdy technique a few years back but are now a must have in any event planning campaign in the digital world.


A few years ago, a venue without Wi-Fi would be acceptable as it was considered more of a luxury than a necessity. Today, the impact of an event depends on a lot of the connectivity of the people attending. One of the mistakes many event organizers make is leaving the Wi-Fi provision to the venue owners and managers. Trade shows, conferences, and corporate meeting events will often be judged successful by the number of tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram pictures referencing the event. Without strong connectivity, that will be an opportunity missed altogether.


Everyone wants to know just how their event performed, especially in an industry niche. In the past, surveys were a perfectly understandable way of getting feedback. Today, sending event attendees email reminders to fill in questionnaires will only alienate them even more. Luckily, there are much more effective ways of tracking event performances and getting feedback. The unwritten rule today is that opinions are not asked for, but are expressed publicly.


No event will be successful without some sort of tech support. However, the choice of tech should be with the event success in mind. Do not simply choose a tech product because of past association with a developer or after a convincing sales pitch. A recent study showed that when organizations reduced bias in their decision-making processes, they increased their returns on investment by up to 7 percent.


The best planners know how to find the right speakers. Finding a speaker is not a matter of simply choosing who is fashionable at the moment and inviting them. Understand the education and entertainment needs of the speakers, and find people who offer actual value to the audience.

The Simple Things That Make Good Events Great

Stephanie Clarke

Stephanie Clarke is one of the best planners in the business. She has been in the business for several years running a successful event planning company and blog, and has organized hundreds of successful events.

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