Things to Do if You are in Dubai for a Layover

  Mar 19, 2018

Extensive journeys can be exhausting, particular journeys with an extended layover at some distant airport. While several people will try to stay away from layovers certainly, others do get curious and carefully plan where to use up their layover time and what all they can cover. For them, it’s just one more destination to put into their catalog – like a small trip. For lots of travelers sandwiched between Europe, Asia, and Australia, Dubai is a common layover destination – and if Dubai is en-route your expedition, be guaranteed of a grand experience.

Dubai airport stopover tours

Even though Dubai is a vast city, there are numerous great spots quite close by the airport which you may want to see during your layover here. Here are the seven most popular places that capture the spirit of the city and are still close to the Dubai International Airport. You can visit them by booking Dubai airport layover tours.

1. Burj Khalifa

If you are in Dubai, you cannot miss the visit to the tallest building of the world: the Burj Khalifa. The skyscraper is the delight of the city and is situated at 829.8 m/2,722 ft. Get yourself a ticket and check out the observation deck on the 144th floor to witness the world in a totally unlike way – the experience is ahead of words. The building has maintained numerous records, counting the tallest free-standing structure, world’s uppermost observation deck, having the world’s topmost nightclub and having the world’s highest eatery as well.

2. The Grand Mosque

One of the mainly renowned tourist attractions of Dubai is the Grand Mosque. It is situated fairly close to the airport and can be effortlessly reached by a taxi or Metro. The mosque was at first built in the 1900s, but was knocked down to be re-built in the year 1960 and advance in the year 1998. The current building is a glorious piece of artwork and can seize up to 1200 worshippers at one time. Though not- Muslims are not permitted within the mosque, they can stopover the external section of the mosque to esteem the implausible structure.

3. The Dubai Museum

Most likely the finest way to appreciate the wealthy historical alteration of Dubai from being a small Bedouin township to the amusement hub it is at present is to check out the Dubai Museum. Situated at the Al-Fahidi Fort that goes back to the 17th century, the museum is a marvelously preserved gallery exhibiting a broad variety of aged weaponry, military artifacts and additional local antiques of the Arabic civilization. The finest time to stopover the museum is from August to April, since it is partially outside and the summer months get extremely hot.

4. Heritage Village

Heritage Village is an enjoyable and vivacious way of accepting the traditional Arabic civilization of Dubai. Interlacing traditions into the 21st century skyline of Dubai, it is preferred amongst visitors as it puts on show customary handicrafts and artifacts beside conventional cuisine, song and dance. It portrays the coastal, mountain and conventional life of the very old Arabic standard of living along with a practice of a variety of traditional line of work all through the early age. It gives you a glance into the customary Arabic way of life in an exhilarating and pleasurable way.

5. The Souks

Shopping – could you imagine of a superior way to use up your layover time? Shopping in Dubai souks is so all in the rage that a number of people even book particular flight packages together with Dubai layover tours and shopping tour. The conventional markets are most likely the chief attraction of Dubai. You can stopover textile and spice souks, immerse up the liveliness of the busy stalls and the persuasive ambiance at the markets. Don’t overlook the skill to bargain the best at these souks.

6. Dubai Creek

Want to see the royal Dubai skyline in an entirely diverse way? Book a cab from the airport and surely see the Dubai Creek. Cutting all the way through the heart of Dubai and separating it into 2 parts, the creek is for all time busy with locals and tourists. Seamed with numerous great eateries, souks and vivacious people all the time, the creek is your place to experience the soul of Dubai. If time permits, you can catch a Dhow cruise that goes by under a number of bridges and past sky soaring towers overlook the water as well as the gorgeous gardens.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind about the airport if you are planning a layover;

• The airport is situated in the middle of Dubai and has exceptional transportation connectivity with the complete city. The metro journey to the city center will take close to 20 minutes, but you can also simply lease a car at the airport.

• If you don’t feel like staying at a hotel, you can stock up your baggage at the Dubai airport baggage storeroom facility accessible at terminal 1 & 3 for up to 12 hours.

• Usually, it takes an hour and a half approximately to clear your way through the process of immigration and customs at the airport.

Dubai airport stopover tours will be ideal to utilize your stay at Dubai Airport. Travelers with a desire to travel make the finest of every chance to go around, and that is precisely why a lot of them map their layovers in a manner that they get to benefit from a new city through their trip. Dubai makes for such an ideal chance, so when you make a plan next time, make certain to give yourself sufficient time to walk around the city on your way to your destination.

Things to Do if You are in Dubai for a Layover


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