Things you should Never Miss While Performing Mobile Security Testing

 Claire Mackerras
  Feb 24, 2019

mobile security testing

The modern technology-driven world has significantly transformed our life for good. One can now rely on their smartphone for most of the daily routine tasks, which earlier wasn’t possible.

But with the advancement of technology, the challenges and threats associated with these smartphones and mobile applications can’t be neglected. One of the biggest challenges that most of the mobile application developers are facing these days is the overall quality of their mobile application as well as security concerns.

There is no point you can launch your mobile application without ensuring adequate quality checks and making sure that there is no loophole. Thus; it is mandatory for you to prefer a mobile security testing for your mobile application that can eventually depict the shortcomings that need to be fixed. Here is the list of things that you shouldn’t miss while testing a mobile application.

The Responsiveness


One of the initial things that shouldn’t be ignored is the responsiveness of the design. What can be more shocking than seeing your mobile application incompatible for diverse devices? Well, you need to be sure enough that the layout that you create for your mobile application must meet the regulations and standards so that you need not face glitches while launching your application.

It would be a great decision to seek help from the testing professionals that can eventually guide you precisely when it comes to the testing based on the overall responsiveness of the application. Make sure you go through the aspects that can harmonize the design and layout planning for different device needs.

The Load Capacity

Another thing that one should never forget while testing a mobile application is load testing. The testing professional utilizes some of the automation testing tools to check the load bearing capacity of the application, which clearly depicts the endurance of the system. Moreover, it is necessarily important for you to analyze the maximum and a minimum number of users and generate the report according to the different load scenarios.

It would be a great decision to analyze the actual load capacity of a system so as to ensure that the app delivers the best user experience in different load conditions. This means your application should perform well even if the number of users increases. Thus; adequate testing procedures must be followed to ensure that the application meets the expected performance without any glitches.

Once the application is tested for the different loads, it is the time for the developer to analyze the pitfalls and start working on the same to make the application fit for different devices regardless of the load. It is strongly recommended that one should never ignore the load testing aspect when it comes to the performance testing of a mobile application.


There is no point you can launch your mobile application on the numerous mobile application stores without checking the parameters that depict the stability of the mobile app. Thus; it is the responsibility of the testing professional to ensure adequate stability of the mobile application by creating various test scenarios that showcase the actual performance of the system.

There are numerous service providers that ignore the importance of utilizing automated testing tools that augment the overall testing procedure. One should always emphasize using the tools that are available in the market and are known for their precise analysis.

Most of the developers associated with mobile testing utilize testing tools like Selenium that is a powerful automation testing tool that helps in analyzing the glitches related to the performance of a system. You can always rely on this tool when it comes to the automation testing procedure for a mobile application.

The Breakage point

Another crucial thing that you need to analyze is the breakage point of the application that clearly depicts the overall reliability of the application. For all those wondering about the term “breakage point”; it is the extreme point till where the application can perform well.

Finding the breakage point gives an idea about the reliability of the application and the alterations that are required to make the application ready for the users in the market. There is no point one can ignore the importance of measuring the breakage point in their application, which is determined by adding load to the system.

The breakage point or the cut-off point of an application is determined by testing the application under strictly monitored conditions using automated mobile testing software. The testing engineer gradually increases the load to measure the exact point where the application crashes or creates some error. The detailed report is created and shared with the development team so that they can work on rectifying the loopholes.

These are some of the important aspects that one should consider priority when it comes to the performance testing of a mobile application.

Things you should Never Miss While Performing Mobile Security Testing

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