Tips for Improving Client Communication

 Ghazanfar Ali
  May 08, 2019

Communication skills, both written and verbal, are an important part of everyday life. In a client facing roles, good communication is key for keeping your clients happy. Many of us have made a communication mistake that haunts us or had an interaction with someone else that left us wishing they had better communication skills. Keeping clients happy is an important part of many jobs, like realtors, interior decorators, and SEO consulting services.

Soft skills like communication or vital for business today, but can require some practice. Here are a few tips for improving client communication.

client communication

Be Friendly

Treat your client like you would a friend. Having a good rapport with your client can help strengthen your relationship and leave them with a positive impression fo you. Keeping your tone positive and welcoming in person and writing can make interactions enjoyable for both you and the client. Including personal touches tells your client that you really do actually care about them. Even just a pleasant greeting in an email can help make your client happy.

Follow up regularly

Regular contact with clients can help ensure if everything is being done correctly and that you’re both still on the right page. Even when you don’t necessarily have to, follow up with the client to remind them you’re still there for whatever they need. Making them know you’re available and thinking of them can help improve the relationship and ensures all their needs are being met.

Be an active listener

Active listening can be a difficult skill to master but is a very effective communication skill to have. At some point, most of us have had a conversation where we didn’t really feel listened to, and that can be discouraging. Giving the client your full attention and letting the client know that you really care to hear what they have to say can set you apart from others who might have been more passive in conversation. Being an active listener can also help you gain a better understanding of what the client is looking for.

Ask questions.

Questions can help bring clarity to a situation. You may go into a meeting with a client ready to answer any questions they could possibly have, but you should also be ready with an arsenal of questions to ask them. Thorough questions can help you avoid any miscommunications and your curiosity can show clients you care.

Empathize with clients

Remember that your client is a person with a life and feelings of their own. Many people in client-facing roles have had some unpleasant interactions with clients that have caused them to be short. It’s important to think of what the client could be going through and be empathetic to their needs.

Tips for Improving Client Communication

Ghazanfar Ali

Ghazanfar Ali is a writer from Lahore,Pakistan.

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