Tips to Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from SD Card Without Any Cost

 Chris Smith
  Mar 05, 2019


Losing some important data from your phone’s memory card can be very painful. You might lose important data from your SD card like data file for your presentation, or your work which is to be submitted with a deadline. Hence, all these factors can prove to be very annoying and you might regret later on the lost data.

Recovering this lost data from the SD card is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of factors and must have knowledge about the entire structure of SD storage before you can process it. Here is a list of things that you need to know before starting the recovery of data from your SD card.

What causes loss of data on the SD card?

Several factors can cause data loss in SD card. These are mentioned below as:

  • Files stored on the card getting corrupted: The files might get corrupted due to a virus attack or the entry of a third party into your system.
  • Incorrect unmounting of the card: While mounting and unmounting the card on the device, the risk of the card getting defected increases.
  • Infected by malware or virus: On getting infected by malware or virus, files present on your memory card can get deleted or damaged.

  • Deleting the photos or the videos accidentally: You might delete certain data from the card accidentally without any intentions to do so.

  • Loosing data while transferring the files from one media to the other: This is another common cause of losing the data while it is being transferred from one source to other and it gets corrupted or lost in the process.

Materials required to restore the data

Here is a list of certain materials that are necessary if you wish to recover the data from your SD card:

  • Laptop/computer with the data recovery software in it
  • Memory card from which you lost the data
  • A card reader to connect the card to the laptop

Recovery software

recovery software

You need a recovery software that would scan the memory card for the lost files and therefore, recover the lost files. If you are looking for premium software with all the necessary features to help you recover the files, R-undelete is one of the best software to have on your device. This software supports all the images formats as well as the video formats and hence, is very convenient to use.

Select the format of the media lost

Once you have installed the recovery software on your device, the next step is to select the type of format of the data that you have lost. You need to choose the data format of the file lost and then filter all these files one by one manually. It might seem like a tedious task, but I think you can manage this much for your precious file.

Connect the card to the device

For scanning the card, you need a card reader which would enable the device to read the card in the device and help in scanning it later on. A card reader would connect the SD card from which the information has been lost to the laptop/computer so that the software can then be run and the recovery process can be started.

Full scan feature

Before starting the scanning process of the card, make sure that the scan that takes place is a full deep scan of the card so that all of the lost files can be recovered easily. This feature is much more effective in getting the lost files than the simple scan feature.

Scan the card

After selecting the format, the next step is to scan the memory card. While scanning process can take some minutes to a few hours for the process to complete, you just need to wait for it to happen.

Sort the photos

Once the scan is completed, the recovered files are displayed by the software on the screen as thumbnails. You need to sort out the ones that you need to form all the recovered files which the software was able to get back. You need to go through each of these photos to get the one that you wish to save and get back.

Save the photos

Once you have selected and sorted the photos, you have to save these photos on the disk. Here make sure that you do not save the data on the same disk from which it was lost. This would increase the chances of data being lost again. Hence, save the photos to a new disk.


Hence, losing your important data can be very painful. You must know how to use a recovery software so that you can easily recover the lost files with not much effort. Having such a software on your device has hence become much more of a necessity. So that you can ensure that no important data on your SD card is lost.

Tips to Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from SD Card Without Any Cost

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