Top 10 Air Travel Tips To Make Flight Journeys Easier

  Apr 09, 2018

Air travel may be fun but it can also be exhausting for some travelers. Not all of us can easily adjust to being 30,000 plus feet up in the air. While some get used to flying after a while, others simply cannot bring themselves to adjust to it no matter how many flights they travel by air. But there are some simple air travel tips you can use to make flight journeys easier.

Best flying tips and tricks for a happier flight:

There are some simple things you can do to make flying a less stressful experience. Whether you’re heading out on a planned vacation or on a last minute work-related trip, use these international air travel tips and make flight journey a happier experience.

1. Always arrive early

While this may sound like a cliché, it’s one of the best things you can do to relax ahead of a flight journey. Arriving early will give you plenty of time to sort out your papers, check-in without a fuss, and board unhurriedly. After dealing with how to find cheap flights, this is one of the best air travel tips for long flights. No one wants to get on board a long-haul flight already exhausted.

2. Bring carry-on baggage only

Depending on the length of your vacation, travel class and airline rules, bring just enough luggage so that it can comfortably fit into the overhead bin. Almost all airlines permit free carry-on baggage. Bring the essentials and leave whatever else you don’t need behind. This is one of the best air travel packing tips that will save you time, money, and the needless worry of having to check-in baggage.

3. Get through security like a pro

This is among the best air travel tips for first time flyers to keep in mind. Check beforehand what items are prohibited, which ones won’t get through security, and what you’re permitted to carry along. Some airlines have a policy where they do not allow liquids on board. To be on the safe side, carry items that will be checked in a see-through plastic bag to save time at the security check-in. Wear slip-on footwear that you can easily be in and out of.

4. Check-in online whenever possible

One of the biggest time-saver air travel tips is to check-in online. Whether flying Economy or Business class, most airlines offer you the option of checking-in online. This will save you the trouble of having to wait in long check-in queues at the airport. All you’ll need to do upon arrival at the airport is to drop off your luggage without having to worry about any paperwork.

5. Load up on your own entertainment

While many airlines offer impressive inflight entertainment, you can’t always count on it being the best or most entertaining option for you. One of the best air travel tips to fight boredom on board is to bring your own entertainment. Load your phone, iPad, or laptop with your favorite movies, music, TV shows, and entertainment of other forms. Carry your own earphones even if the airline provides them.

6. Pack a few snacks

A hungry stomach and a long haul flight are a bad combination. Bringing your own snacks is one of the best air travel tips for a happier flight especially if you’re traveling with kids. Not all airlines offer free meals so pack a few healthy snacks if you do not wish to buy airline food. Things like crackers, nuts, and bagels among other snacks will fill you up quickly and help beat hunger pangs.

7. Be nice to airline staff

A friendly smile and small chit chat will go a long way to ensure you get extra attention from flight attendants. They work long shifts, often without breaks, and a few nice words from you will make them feel appreciated. Of course, for you, this could mean a few free drinks and other benefits which less co-operative passengers won’t get the chance to enjoy.

8. Get a collapsible water bottle

Getting a water bottle through security is a tricky thing. Most airlines don’t allow it forcing you to buy water at the airport. Often, travelers will have to leave behind costly thermoses as they aren’t allowed to carry them. So one of the best air travel tips to deal with this is to bring a collapsible water bottle along. You can fill it at the fountain once you clear security.

9. Access lounges

One of the best ways to ensure happy air travel is via to access airport lounges. Get paid membership if you have to and enjoy some incredible lounge benefits while you wait for your flight. For instance, American Express Lounges allow even non-members to enter for a fee. Just about $40 will let you enjoy lounge access with food and drinks covered. This includes alcoholic beverages as well.

10. Carry a bit of cash

Cards are not always helpful for travelers as there may not be ATMs everywhere. You can use cards in big hotels and restaurants but you’ll need cash for things like tipping waiters, valet, or for buying something from small stores. So the best thing you can do is head to the ATM at the airport and withdraw a bit of cash. Don’t carry large amounts but just enough to ensure you don’t run short in case of an emergency. This will come in handy in case you need to buy something on board as well. Therefore, this is one of the best air travel tips to use on board and make your travel on cheap flights happier.

Top 10 Air Travel Tips To Make Flight Journeys Easier


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